Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teachers to NOT Take and to Switch your Youngsters Out Of to Prevent Self Esteem Issues

franklin west elementary
Mr. D

kino junior high
Mr. D- biology. He will make your child's life miserable like unto himself! (different than ^)

westwood high school
Mrs. DeLair- math. She doesn't care if you pass or fail, "it's easier for you to fail and she'll still get paid."

mesa community college
Marion Crotty- Eng102. Comes to class disheveled, doesn't offer office hours, students don't matter till the last week and by then there's nothing you can do. She's nice, but she makes she course completely miserable for 12 long weeks
Chuy Carreon- Mat142. Goes off on rants about how his son's are addicted to math, drugs and alcohol. Tells disgusting personal stories. If you don't understand and ask a question, he won't know the answer either so instead of trying to help, tells you to work it out. Students are the last thing he cares about.
Sharon West-Cre101. Worst.First.Impression.Ever. Two students had been added to the class by the front office. She asked if everyone had pre-reqs. When they didn't, she proceeded to let them know how unintelligent THEY were for an office mistake and yelled at a man because he asked he what she thought he should do to resolve the problem. Before they even left the room she made snide comments on how annoying they were when they said only kind things before.

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Beary Bee said...

I will beat them up in the form of a mean letter written primarily by my Thesaurus. Yep.