Sunday, December 4, 2016

Emily Rose is Four Months Old!

Emily got double ear infections in November! It was so sad! Gwen NEVER had a single ear infection, so when Emily was literally screaming, I was so confused and unable to do anything! We got her in for a sick visit nice and quick, and had antibiotics almost immediately. Let me tell you--I should get an award for giving her COLD, bubblegum flavored medicine twice a day for 7 days. I thought Gwen was stubborn, but when I was trying to get her to take this medicine, she outdid Gwen's stubbornness REAL quick! Ha! We got it done, and both ears are happy and healthy! She simultaneously had a cold, and she struggled eating, so at one point she was up to 15 pounds, but now she's just hovering at 14.

We needed to get bibdanas (bib/bandana mix!) specifically for her drooling! She could soak an outfit in a matter of hours with just drool!

Emily realized she is the cutest and loves talking to herself in the mirror. She doesn't like being talked to when she's admiring herself, and will give dirty looks pretty promptly after making that mistake.

Fanny lovessss music and hates the sun being in her eyes. She also hates being put in the car seat and stroller, but doesn't mind the outings associated with the seat and stroller. What a conundrum.

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