Sunday, December 4, 2016

October 2016

Early in the month, Jake and I went on a group date with some friends to an escape room. It's essentially a series of "riddles" that you get clues to to determine the outcome of a script. It was really fun and we all got dinner at Serrano's, too!

Gwen learned that she could still climb into the crib, and has since been doing this on an almost daily schedule.

Krispy Kreme had their annual "Dress Like a Pirate" day and our sweet nanny, Kyndra, dressed Gwen up and took the girls! Gwen is an excellent pirate!


One morning, after I had gotten every one packed up in the car to run errands, I turned on my car and realized that the battery was going to die!  Worse yet, Jake and my parents were all out of town--because of this, I drove to the closest place I could think of and got a new battery. Gwen loved being in the waiting room and seeing the guys working on our car. She was singing and dancing, and we all had a great morning!

Shepherd Junior High was doing a college night and they had a lot of colleges and vocational schools visiting, plus some food trucks! We walked the few blocks to get to the school to see the commotion, and ended up petting a few snakes and getting waffles at the food trucks!

I don't have any pictures of Halloween, but it was wonderful! We got to go to downtown Mesa and trick or treat at the local shops, and then we went home and ate lunch. When I was taking Gwen's beautiful owl costume off, it ripped! The seam of the strap tore completely off! It was so sad to me! Not to fret, after naps I put Gwen in her Krispy Kreme pirate outfit and we tricked and treated for about an hour and got a huge stash, plus we got to know a lot more of our sweet neighbors! We have quite a few snowbirds in our cul-de-sac thing, and it was fun talking to them all! Gwen would twirl and tell them "Good mornin!" and they'd give her more candy. We had a great system! Jake stayed home and handed out candy and bouncy balls, and we just thought we were the coolest! I really can't believe that I have no pictures of that day! How sad.
 *Oh my gosh! Jake had Halloween pictures! They're down below!

We asked if they snake had a name, and this guy laughed and said, No way! Haha!

Crib bandit Gwen!

At the car garage! She loved this place!

Pre Earrings!
She is just so pleased with her new jewelry.

SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Our date night! Also, my mouth is clearly opened dumb.

They love each other.

Jammy Besties!

Waiting at the food truck!

Gwen loved playing with this boy at the park. He kept calling Gwen "Baby" and would say, "Come over here, little Baby!" She loves him.

She's a dreamy sleeper.

Jake=suns player. Me and Emily=pumpkins. Gwen=pirate. Fred=blurry scary thing

Halloween 2016

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angietune said...

Love reading your wonderful blog about the adventures of your family.

Saw the picture of the Emily having her ears pierced. She looks so darn cute with them. I've been on the fence wanting to have our girls (10 months and 2yrs) ears pierced too. Don't know exactly why I want it done. However, after seeing more and more babies and little girls with cute little earrings in our church nursery, I'm slowly realizing how pretty and cute our girls would look with pierced ears. Suspect your girls get a lot compliments on their cute little earrings.

Would love for you to share with me any insights, suggestions or support making this choice for me girls. I know I'm ready and dh says it's my choice when to do it, but I'm unsure. My e-mail is below if convenient.