Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Remembering Grandma and Stealing

Tonight I was in the shower washing off a long and severely hot day of work(the AC in our dental office went out, and it was a HOT day!) when I opened a new bottle of shampoo.While I was lathering my hair, the smell of the Biolage filled the bathroom, and I was filled with memories of Grandma! For as long as I can remember, Grandma had used Biolage shampoo. In fact, when Meredith and I were younger, Grandpa and Grandma would pick us up from the bus stop and take us to their house until Mom could get us and take us home. We would always go straight to the cupboard with cereal and store-bought cookies(and then the freezer in the garage for Popsicles. . .we love treats) Inside of this cupboard were always two bottles of Biolage shampoo/conditioner, and when I was around 16 I started taking a bottle every time I saw an extra!

The thought of me taking bottles of shampoo from Grandma led me to thinking of all the times I've taken full sleeves of lifesavers from her.

And huge bottles of mixed nuts.

And this is when I realized I have been stealing from my grandparents for years!

This led me to thinking about a comment my favorite oldest sister said to me while we were in Mesa for Grandma's funeral. I was poking around Mom's house and seeing all the new things I hadn't seen before, when Sarah said something to the effect of "You notice when things are new," but there was more to it. The reason I notice when something is new is because I like to take things that won't be noticed.

And this is when I realized that I have a problem.

All throughout my life, I've taken things that aren't mine, and noticed when things are new.

I've taken a million of Berit's and Meredith's clothes.

Berit would buy magazines and candy, and they would somehow get "eaten by the dog" and "lost."

Meredith never had any secrets because I would look at her cell phone and pretend I was calling my boyfriends.

I've overheard numerous dates of my siblings because (I was creeping before it was cool) I would sneak into the room and just sit there silently.


Luckily, I was never really secretive to my family because I knew there was no such thing! HA! To prove this point, here is a story: I had a box of old "love notes" underneath my bed, and one day I came home, and my mom said, "We found some really interesting notes underneath your bed. . . " and I remember thinking, "Well, that's awkward!" Never angry! Just. . . awkward. . . I'm still sorry about those, Mom! HA!

Anyway. I've only stolen one thing in my whole life from someone other than my family, and I did when I was twelve. I remember stealing a little charm for a bracelet, and the next time we went, I brought $11.00 to hide at the register. I talked to my bishop and I'm sure he laughed because I was later the Beehive president, but I kept the charm I stole and whenever I see it, I'm like, "NOPE. Never doing THAT again."

And that is the thought process I had while I was in the shower tonight.

PS. The charm was less that $5.00, so I felt like a six dollar increase was sufficient. Plus, I was an excellent babysitter in the glory days, and I worked hard for those eleven bucks.

PPS. I think Grandma knew what I did, but if she didn't then, she for sure knows now and it's okay.

I didn't choose the thug life; the thug life chose me.

Me (Verity Kendra-Aenone) and Grandma Aenone holding Cassidy Aenone! We probably all used Biolage this day.


Katie Seigfried said...

I seriously love the smell of Biolage. Confession: after you cut my hair, I'd wait until the smell was gone to wash it again.... Maybe I should just buy some for myself. ...

Alyx @Every Day is a New Adventure said...

I seriously just laughed out loud pretty much throughout this post, especially about the $6 increase. I think you're good. ;)