Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gwen's Blessing

On Sunday, May 4, 2014, Jake blessed Gwen in the Peak View ward of Flagstaff, Arizona! We had family from out of town and friends come, and it was just such a nice day!

I'd been nervous for Jake for the longest time. He wasn't nervous about what he'd say at all, but I just love to worry. He ended up giving her the loveliest blessing I've ever heard. He blessed her to have a healthy and strong body, and to have a profound love of Jesus Christ. He warned her that Satan would try to hold her back, but through her testimony and faith in the Lord, she would be able to withstand her trials. He blessed her to not be afraid of repentance and to repent often, and also to get and value her education. He promised her that she would find joy if she lived worthy to serve a mission and attend the temple. To end, he told her that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her, and they sent her to us because we would love her the best!

It was just perfect.

We ended the morning with a little breakfast at our home, and then had a park picnic lunch with the Ellsworth side of the family--which left me with the most attractive farmer's tan sunburn!

Jake and I felt so much love, and we know Mini could feel it, too. Having Gwen in our lives is a daily testimony to us that God loves and trusts us more than we could ever imagine.
It was so sunny and windy, and Gwen was not liking being without a blanket for photos.

The family, minus the Valdes family.

Denham grandparents
Ellsworth grandparents

Curtis and Clayton love Mini.

Gwendolyn Yvonne

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Our family :)

PS. Now that I've seen the pictures we took, I'm so regretful that we didn't get one of Gwen with both grandmas because she is definitely named after them both! Next family get together, I hope I remember to do that.


Ali Mills said...

Awww she's so cute!! You guys did good ;)

Alyx said...

Congrats, guys! She's so perfect!