Our Story

Jake and I met in college in 2008 and almost immediately started dating! We got married in the summer of 2010 and nearly had heat strokes. We moved from Mesa, Arizona to Flagstaff, and loved our lives of hiking, biking, and cool weather. I had our first baby in March 2014, we got our goldendoodle, Fred, in December 2014, and I had our second baby in July 2016.

We're back in Mesa, and Jake works doing medical sales. I'm a dental hygienist. We work hard and try to play ever harder. We have the cutest family, and that's not biased at all.


Kyli Larson said...

I stinkin' LOVE you two!
And wanna be just like you.

I should probably check and make sure Ben is okay with that. :)

mce said...

i do not see fred in this picture. he is in your update about yourself though??? just wondering. love mce