September 2020

My mom had to remind me on two different occasions to blog for the month, and I nearly forgot after the second time! 

We went to Snowflake for Tyler to bless Meredith and his newest baby boy, Hunter. 

Emily really loved school. She was constantly flying through programs and earning new lessons. Her teacher sent me several texts with pictures of our proud little Emily girl. 

At the end of the month, my bunco group went up to Forest Lakes to spend the night at Abby's family's ranch. It was so fun to have the weekend with girlfriends and has become a memory I love to recall.

We hosted a baptism party for Melanie C. but I can't seem o find any pictures. It was beautiful. We had a sweet program, yummy lunch, and a fun pool party!

Mer and I!

Emily and Hunter

Emily steals my phone and finds great filters. Or maybe it was someone else's phone. 

Emily proud at school!!

Driving to school!

Hunter and me!

Jake said Emily was crying because she missed me hahah!

The cabin bunco group!

More Emily emotions

Emily seriously loved Montessori!


mce said…
Finally !!!!! Love, mce

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