August 2020

 The whole month of August consisted of:

1. Jake and me continuously discussing whether our new tree was going to survive this hot summer. 

2. Wondering if we were ever going to get our normal monsoons.

3. Wondering if school would start.

4. Trying to make back up plans for back up plans if school didn't happen (spoiler, it didn't!)

5. Exercising, gym workouts, and dog walks. 

We started the month with a surprise trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit Jan and Chris! Chris was the best and I'm still amazed at how he did such a good job not spilling any hints! I need to take a page from his book on that. We enjoyed our drive up and stopped for local treats along the way, but the best part was finally getting there! We had Gwen and Emily knock on the door, and we have such sweet video (from both sides!) of the surprise!

While in Vegas, we went to a fun waterpark, played hand and foot, and just spent time together. It was really great, and we loved every minute.

On our way home, we drove through Flagstaff and got lunch. That was my first time back to Flagstaff since we left almost 5 years ago, and it made me feel so much nostalgia. We ate at one of our favorite stops, Mama Burger, and played at the park we used to live by. I miss Flagstaff!

Gwen started and stopped school with MPS. Her teacher was so great, but it just didn't work for our schedules. She needed to be on several times throughout the day, and it wasn't a good system. Gwendolyn started saying that she hated it and was bored, and it made sense to withdraw. 

Gwen and Emily both started at a local Montessori school! Emily is in the preschool program for the full day, and Gwen is happy in 1st grade! I found out through a fellow day care momma that this school was starting in person, and I immediately called and got on the waitlist. One week later, they had a spot for both of the girls. We've had great experiences with communicating to the school, location, and just having them in person is so amazing. They're both enjoying their time at school. HALLELUJAH.

Gwen lost her fourth tooth!! 

I gave the girls a bedroom makeover since they're both such big girls! When we moved in (and still) our house was painted flat gray. The gray doesn't handle kids well and scuffs all over the place. Ugh.  I love color, and wanted to do something for them to have a better room. I found these new colors of Beddy's (so worth all the saving I did!)and was inspired! We painted the room white, painted the baseboards and trim a creamy color, and added some dots! The girls love their room, and I love it more than both of them combined! 

I've been taking the girls and Fred out each morning for walks and jogs, and it has become such a sweet moment to share. The girls talk the whole time, and their love for each other is growing every day. Just the other day, Gwen was crying at school. She was retelling the story and said when her teacher asked what was wrong, Gwen replied, "I miss my sister." I mean, way to melt my heart, girl! 

Attempt #1 at school starting in August. 
Hopeful thinking for Emily to be in preschool 

Outfit change for Gwen
School area

We would take pictures of Gwen with her assignment per her teacher's request. 
Cowabunga Cove with Indie! 

I love her selfies. 

Emily and Holliday at Ender's birthday party. 

School, round 2! Screaming success!

She's so funny. 

We had a sleepover with the Blackburn girls the night before they moved!!

Gwen in school, round 2.

The updated bedroom!!

School time. 

Out of order, but so cute! 

Second view of the bedroom! 
Power nap! 

The great view from my walk. 

Lost teeth! 


mce said…
i didn't know that the blackburns moved. where to ??? when ??? and your girls are adorable !!!
Jan said…
Love, love, love my surprise visit!

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