July 2020

Just another day in Corona land.

Gwen went up to Snowflake and Pinedale at the first of the month to get some one on one time with grandmas and grandpas. She had been having a hard time with having to be home non stop, and so she needed a change of scenery! She didn't start missing us until day two when she asked to come home because she missed Emily! We made a trip out of it, and went to pick her up and explored the Denham land. I learned that the Denhams AND Crandalls (Walt's and Vonnie's families, respectively) both had land there prior to them meeting, and I thought that was a crazy! They were destined to meet. 

I went back to work this month. I typically have a 4 day work week with one day for admin work. There was a need for help doing Covid checks prior to being allowed on campus, and I was recruited to fill that need. This was a five day commitment and was pretty brutal to get used to after the previous four months. 

July 4th was wonderful. We had a BBQ with some of our good friends, went swimming, and did fireworks! I've always loved this holiday, but we all found new reverence in celebrating this year with all the movements taking place. We took the time to teach the girls that our country is not perfect, and we need to acknowledge that to be able to celebrate fully. Our entire lives we are taught that no man is perfect, and it was a really easy parallel to teach that our country has made big mistakes, too.

The Phoenix Zoo temporarily opened and we had a chance to go in! We love the zoo so much. We worked it out to meet with friends, and it was so fun to walk around and have a change of scenery! The zoo is one of our favorite activities, and every time we go we say "Thank you, Jan and Chris!" once we are heading out. They gifted us a yearly membership for Christmas and we use it all the time! I love it! Thank you, Chris and Jan!!!!!

Emily had been counting down for her birthday since Gwen's, and she was so happy that it was finally her birthday month! She loves PlayDoh so much, so we had a party themed around it! We had the coolest cakes and cupcakes, and a portion of the party involved 24 open cans of play doh, and a who gamut of toys to cut, mold, and create! It was really so fun! After wards, Emily kept referring to the party goers as her best friends! It was so magical! We invited some friends that we have seen throughout the virus, and it was such a burst of fresh air that we all needed. We also did a craft and made upside down PlayDoh hats, and played with legos. Talk about a perfect party! At one point, I was in the kitchen just listening to all the kids just laughing and playing and I recalled a sweet message in my own patriarchal blessing that says, "your home will be filled with the laughter of children" and I just cried!!!! It was a tender mercy that I needed. 

Gwendolyn got a computer! WOAH. Since school is going to be fully online her school distributed laptops to all the students, and Gwen couldn't believe her luck! She also got some new clothes for school. I set up a desk area for her to have a designated school area. I'm really hopeful about the online plan, and I just need to be motivated! Gwen can do this, and so can we! 

Jake is continuing his working from home, and it is going well. He goes to his cases when necessary, but he's been able to really maximize his work! He is so great. With my schedule being so early, he has taken most of the responsibility of getting Gwen and Emily to and from daycare and other activities, and he has just been so awesome. I'm thankful to be his wife. He is a good, and kind man. He works so hard, and doesn't complain about anything. He is my equal and we work side by side in everything. He is the best father. He never diminished Gwen's or Emily's feelings, he never mocks them. He answers their questions, he teaches them about history and science, and inspires their love activity! Jake is a super man. He helps others whenever the opportunity presents itself, and he has no shame. We are all clearly fans of Jake forever!

Zoo Time!!! 

This was our first time at this part of the zoo! SO fun!

The tigers are always giving us a show! We love them!

4th of July

Best sisters ever! This is in Pinedale at the family land!

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Exploring this beautiful family land was so much fun!

Emily is so cute!

Misaligned pictures, but this is also from Pinedale!

Emily's birthday!

How old are you?! 

There is a white chocolate and sprinkle 4 on her cupcake!

Party time!!! Started with a craft!

Birthday Girl!

PlayDoh time!

the best crew around!

Gwennie Boo in all her cool glory!!!!

Ooo, aaaah, she sassy!


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Another month written about beautifully. love mce

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