May 2020

My sister Berit was here early in the month to have a little party and also just to catch up! It was great! It is so crazy that her children are as old as they are because in my mind they are still babies! Berit made us a delicious meal, and we feasted on the leftovers for days. I accidentally tortured her kids by having us walk to our neighborhood junior high school during the heat of the day! Luckily, we all survived!

I fell into our pool! We have this ledge that separates the jacuzzi from the pool but it is covered by water. The ledge is a hotspot for the pigeons and doves in our area. They love to come and rest on it and bathe! While Berit was here, her dogs also loved walking on the ledge! I have walked on it multiple times, and have skimmed the pool from it so many times I can't count. I think I was mimicking the birds and dogs running on it when I slipped and fell into the pool. It was a slow motion fall, let me tell you. And the whole time I was falling, I was incredibly aware that I was going to land straight on my groin, legs split and all. In this falling time, I was also very understanding of the fact that if I hit my nether region going as hard and fast as I was, I was going to likely drown because the pain would prevent me from coming up for air. HA! What a terrible way to go.  By the grace of God and some strangely agile movements of my hips, I moved my crotch out of the way of danger, and landed on my knee. No one was in the pool, but several kids were looking at my behind the pool fence. Even knowing I was alone in the pool area, I shouted "Everyone go away! OWWWWW!" Ha! It was swollen and bruising immediately, but I was sad when, a few days later, my bruise wasn't more pronounced because it hurt so bad and for a pain like that, my knee should've been black all over! I still have a little inflammation right on the bone, but I am healed physically and mentally from the fall of 2020, and my crotch is still intact. Thank heavens!

Gwen made her first big purchase! She saved her money from the tooth fairy ($1 per tooth is her going rate! I am proud of the lack of inflation there), saved her birthday money, and picked up dog poop and other chores. She wanted to buy a scooter, and she loves it. I was proud of seeing her save that cash up! Thirty dollars is no easy feat, and she is an excellent saver!

WE GOT A NEW TREE!!! Since living in our home, I've wanted an ash tree in the front yard, so we also skimped and saved and bought this 10 year old beauty. I decided to call it our anniversary tree since it is the same age as our marriage. We always love visiting the nursery we purchased it at, and it was so exciting to buy something this big! We really expected it to be smaller and when they were hand digging the hole out front, I kept taking videos to send to Jake, unable to believe how tall the tree really was! We are already loving it, and it already provides so much shade! I LOVE IT!

We purchased some night time curlers, and Gwen and Emily loved getting their curly hair! They ask every now and then for me to do them, and I always oblige because the curl are too darn cute!

Meredith has been coming down for the last month on Mondays through Thursday to have her kids take swim lessons. It's been fun to have cousin time, but more fun pranking the kids. I love that our children are old enough to joke and prank, and they are pretty good at Rock, Paper, Scissors, too.

Finally, Gwen has a wiggly front tooth that Jake and I have been trying fervently to pull out. We tried stealth at first, but we both get to excited so that doesn't work. I can't wait for her to lose it and have that gap in the front. Wiggly teeth and missing teeth has always been one of my favorite parts of dentistry, and I can't wait. . . though Gwen definitely can!

Fancy Gwen and her new pink scooter!

The inside of my right knee!

Sneaking pictures while the team dug the hole for our tree!

Look at her! She's glorious!
Gwen's curly hairs.

Back of Emily's head.

Emily! She wakes up and puts on her swim suit, hence the tired eyes and bikini.

Look at this big girl!

She is such a beauty!

Emily also changes her clothes approximately 3,458,281 times a day.

The joy of our lives--trying to wiggle teeth out, As you can tell, Gwen loves it slightly less than we do.


Jan said…
I can't believe how big the girls are getting! I love the curls!
mce said…
I do love how you write !!! and the girls look wonderful in their shirley temple curly cues !!!

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