September 2019

This month was very low key. We stayed home a lot and worked in the yard almost every week!
 Gwen had her first primary program at church. She sat in the back with her class and was hard to see, and she didn’t have a part to speak. With the change of church times going from 3 to 2 hours, there was some timing to be figured out, so no one aged 7 and under had parts. It was a bummer, but hopefully she’ll get to have some kind of part next year!
I ran in my very first triathlon! I liked it a lot. I was very nervous for a week before the race, and once I got there to get ready at 5:45am on Saturday morning, my fear went away. I didn’t do the race as fast as the all stars, but I was proud that I never stopped and I really did my best! I’m probably going to do the Mesa Sprint Triathlon on a yearly basis now because I loved it so much!
Jake and I are gearing up for our trip to the Dominican Republic next month, and it’s coming up soon!!!! replaced our wallpaper with this bolder choice! dresses for primary program! a bandaid! after a bandaid! loves joy school! Christmas! decorating party with some sweet friends in my ward!! Catherine and I at the Mesa Sprint Traithlon! Both of us were doing it for the first time! I finished! I had a particularly cute cheer squad! map of the race! I hope this loads correctly! 


mce said…
i love reading your monthly updates. and the pictures are fabulous.

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