February 2019

We went to California with the Bishops! We had a ton of fun. We drove up after work on Thursday, and while Jake napped off the dreary drive, Emily, Gwen and I walked to Disney to meet up with Jan, Chris, and Rachel! We love them!

We went to a character dining breakfast early on Friday morning, and I just think it's so magical! Plus the food is so great!

Disney has a new show for the theme "Put your ears on!" and it was a total dance party on Main Street!

It rained so heavy on the last day we were there! My clothes were soaked, and I had to use the in-hotel hairdryer to get my bra dry enough to wear again! It was hilarious!

I also got to meet Austin, Sara, and Indie! Gwen and Emily consider Indie to be their best friend now!

The last day, we met Jake and Ally! It was so fun and even though getting caught in the winter downpour was a little bummer, we had so much fun!

We got to play with Rachel a few days after our California trip because she was doing an event for work! We went out to eat at Jake's favorite Korean BBQ, and ended the night with banana milk. It's such a treat!

GWEN LEARNED HOW TO RIDE A TWO WHEELER! She's so cool! Abby Standage taught her in one session at the park, and Gwen has been non stop on her bike since!

The Claridges came from Yuma to Mesa to do some last minute shopping for Cordelia's mission, and it coincided with Kate being baptized! We spent the weekend with family, and it was so great!

We went as a family to see Aladdin at Gammage! I had prepped Gwen and Emily with big naps and fancy outfits, and told them that Jake was taking us out on a fancy date for Valentine's day! It was pretty magical and the girls loved it!

EMILY IS POTTY TRAINED!!!!We started in January, but this was the month when it all came together and there have been no more poop accidents!

It snowed in the valley! We got snow on Four Peaks and the Superstition Mountains! We went to play in the snow in Rye after church, and only drove 30 minutes to play in the thick, fluffy snow! It was so fun! Fred loved it. He loved the snow in Flagstaff so much!

Kate got baptized! Gwen wanted to match her dress, and Emily is Cinderella.

Emily and Jake selfie!

We love listening to Wicked in the car, so the girls wanted pictures in front of the poster!

Gwen always says, "I'm the white girl (girl in white dress) and Emily is the green girl." It makes me laugh every time.

Pre Dance pictures. Jake got Em this tutu and she loves it.

Aladdin!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! Gorgeous set, hilarious acting, and beautiful music!
In our seats! The girls did so good! I had a bag of candy, and when Em would get restless, I'd give her a candy.

Rachel visited us in Mesa! Banana milk forever!
Gwen is such a beauty and loves playing at the park.

Jeremy was really the popular guy after our pizza party!

Emily is very proud of her banana trees.

The snow in Rye!

Emily is so funny!

Grammy Jan got us all the best shirts. This one says "Cousin Crew" and then each one has the kids' name!

Rachel, Sarah, Jan, Jacob and Jacob!!!!!! We love this bonus family of ours so so so so sosososososososo much!

Rapunzel, Gwen, and Eugene.

Family picture with Minnie Mouse!

I told Jake to give me an expression based on the recent sprint through the pouring rain. This was his and Gwen joined in! HAHAHAHAH!

Everyone who wasn't sleeping at the moment before we left for home! Chris and Ally joined in!

Emily got Grammy time and Chip and Dale time while the rest of us rode Soarin'!

Sarah brought the fanciest cookies. . . and best cheetah pants ever.


Gwen, Indie, and Emily with Daisy Duck!


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