Monday, February 11, 2019

September 2018, week 2 and on

One of my very best friends and I decided to go on a Disneyland trip together. We planned for some time, and then all squeezed into one car, and went to California. This was Gideon's first trip, and Gwen and Emily were very excited to be a part of it! Gideon sat in the back row of our 4runner, and there were times he'd call out to us, but we were too engrossed in conversation to realize it! Good parenting at its best! We had a blast! I loved spending time with Kyli, and it was fun to have a girls and kids trip!

One of my favorite parts of this Disney trip was the appointment we made for Gideon and Gwen to go to the Bibbity Boppity Boutique! It's located near Sleeping Beauty's castle, and is a salon for girls and boys to get their hair done, and a couple accessories. The stylists are actually Fairy Godmothers in training, and it was really a magical treat! Gwen loved it! When we walked out of the salon, we actually ran right into Gaston! He told Gwen, "You are a Princess! You must know Belle. Will you give her a message for me? Tell her that I love her, and that she cannot marry the Beast!" He went on and on with her and it was truly MAGICAL! The rest of that day, Gwen kept asking to find Belle so she could tell her Gaston's message! It was so fun! She still talks about it, and next time we go Emily will be old enough to get a turn! I can't wait!

Gideon was able to turn into quite a dashing prince at his appointment! He was so handsome and very brave!

We got to meet Anna and Elsa! Emily is not a fan of saying "hello!" to the characters, but she likes seeing them and watching them!

When we got home from our trip, Baby Rooney Matthew was born, and he was such a cute baby! Allisa and I had planned on me helping out when she went into labor, and discussed if labor began while I was at work, she would drop off Farris and Holliday at my house to by with Kyndra! I luckily wasn't working, and was home when she told me that she needed to go in to be induced THAT SAME DAY! We had the girls over, and this place was girl central! We played a lot, and then met the baby the next day! Babies are so special and Allisa is a champ at labor and delivery!!
Gwen and Emily LOVE Mary Poppins

Gideon and Gwen with Anna and Elsa

Signature Gwen pose

On the shuttle to Disneyland!

After her appointment!!! She's so cute and picked the wildest hairstyle!


Unveiling the new princess!

Before the appointment, Gideon and Gwen fought Darth Vader! He has the ponytail, and Gwen is next to him!

Getting started with the appointment!

Meeting Tinkerbell! Tink is Emily's new favorite because of this encounter!

I love my daughters, and I love my fanny pack!

Emily found a hiding spot at the boutique!

Sleepy babes!

Sir Gideon and Princess Gwennie Boo

Emily with Mary and very hesitant about it!

We love our California Aunties!!


Back side of Gwen's diva princess hair! hahah!

We love you, Tinkerbelle!

Klar+Vkae forever


Merry Go Round in the castle!

More progress in the boutique!

Group picture! I'm always glad when Hal and Han can come play with us!

Snack life.

She's so proud!

Gaston! Clearly they were star struck!

She was so in love with that hair piece!
Lis and Rooney!!!!!!

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