Monday, February 11, 2019

November 2018

I really don't have stylish clothes! It's not something that bothers me because I wear scrubs to work (and they are in excellent condition, well tailored and pressed!!!!) and then workout clothes to the gym, and pajamas at night! I'd been telling Jake how I'd like to work on my style, so for my birthday he set up a babysitter so he could take me shopping! We went out and got some beautiful pieces and then went home to a surprise birthday party! It was so, so, so good! I loved being surrounded by love and Mexican food, and it seriously was a true surprise! It's no secret that I'm a crier, so when I realized what was happening, the tears started flowing! Allisa planned it with Jake, all while planning newborn Rooney's blessing, and I just felt so loved!

Rooney got blessed and it was so sweet! I love blessings!

We had family pictures taken by our favorite gal. She is Kyndra's sister and handles our crazy so well! We love you Kylie! In October, when I quit my job, I was sad to tell the girls that Ninna wouldn't be coming over anymore. They took it well (they like me decently enough!) but there are days when they ask me, "Mom, can you let Ninna come over and you go away?" hahah! I love the whole Hassell family so much!

I went with Kyli and Esther to see the Alison Show's live podcast and it was so fun! We expected a dance party(just a little one) and it was great even without the dancing!

JAKE AND I WENT TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!! This trip had been many months in the making, and we had been planning for a long time. In February or March, Tami Stark from Flagstaff contacted me and asked if I had any interest going to the DR to do dental work. I IMMEDIATELY AGREED. She told me they had had a hard time finding a hygienist to come since they were going over Thanksgiving, but that wasn't a problem to us! We had grandparents watch the girls, and while they were having a blast in Arizona, we were working and playing hard in the DR!

We went snorkeling(for five minutes on my end due to sea sickness! Holy cow, I felt like death!), ziplining, waterfall hiking, church go-ing, and swimming in the ocean. We went to a Haitian refugee camp and provided dental care in the local church/school building that had no running water. It was such a stark change from the way I've practiced dentistry in Arizona, and so rewarding. We also contributed in helping donated 200 bags filled with rice, beans, noodles, oils, spices, and feminine products to the locals. It was amazing. Jake was Dr. Ben Stark's assistant, and we were dripping in sweat working on the patients!

The day we arrived, we went to an inclusive resort with the prettiest beach! I've never felt such warm ocean water, and the weather was so perfect. Warm and slightly windy. We left the resort the next morning to go meet the rest of the group at the villa. We had a security guard, a cook, and a maid, and it was so cool! The cost of the villa afforded the inclusive features, and we were just there to work and play! We got invited to go back in October 2019 and cannot wait!

Fred ready for my party! With Nicholas and Farris
Morgan, Gwen, me, Farris and Holliday!
Gwendolyn, November 2018

Emily, November 2018
Harry Potter Jammies
Allisa, Nicholas, and Farris

The Alison Show!
More Alison Show shenanigans!

Terribly dangerous, but very cute. And naughty. But sweet. But time out for all three of you!
Me, Allisa, Abby, and Esther forever!
Friendsgiving movie night!

breakfast in DR


Swinging into winter! ha!

Waterfall hike!

Our Villa!!!!

The church/school where we practiced! Lots of triage and injections from me!

This hot tub was on the third floor of the villa!

Our view from our bedroom. The beach was a 5 minute walk away.

I drank Pina Coladas everywhere we went, and this was the very best one!

Snuggling my girls before leaving for the Dominican.

Some supplies we packed for the give away bags.

Ziplining crew!

Working hard! Brayden in the back was sterilizing instruments with bleach.

Jake used to assist Dr. Stark, so it was a happy reunion!

Church on vacation is one of my favorite things!

Best beach ever! This is the same beach as the swing picture.

This was our room for the first night!

Ella, Brayden, and I with some local children!


Hiking the waterfalls. I love these two! I used to be their nanny and we are buddies!

Ziplining is so fun! They had a line that essentially was like a bungy jump. It was so scary! But we landed in a pit with a lot of toads, so I pretended I was at Hogwarts.

I'd tell all the little kids in Spanish that Dr. Stark was Santa Claus because he'd make their mouth not hurt and then give them a present! They loved him. And me. hah

Our waterfall guide!

The last jump had this lovely beach that we could jump over and over at!

The beach!
Emily and another car!
Gwen at preschool!

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