Sunday, September 9, 2018

September, Week One, 2018

I'm going to try to journal on a weekly basis so I don't forget smaller things that take place! We started September off with a great Labor Day! I took the girls on a hike at the Brown Road Mountain, then we saw The Incredibles 2, and ended up going to Bass Pro next door to look at the big fish. My girls are scared of the fish and I'm mean, so I love taking them whenever they ask!

Gwen and Emily both started dance at the Dance Barn! Jake's cousin worked there before starting dental hygiene school, and she went there while in high school and told us she loved it! Allisa also takes her girls there, and she had nothing but positive remarks, so we moved on over! We've loved it so far!

Emily cried a bit at first because another girl was crying, but I'm sure she calmed down quickly. Gwen is in a combo class and a hip hop class and has been telling me all about her friends since class let out! She is so big and it makes my heart so sad, but it's also so sweet. I am understanding the term "bittersweet" more and more every day with them!

Labor Day hike selfies!

Gwen is so strong and never gives up! She got to the top!
Taking a breather on our hike.

They has just noticed a "snake" on the display above them and were very nervous about this picture!

She is such a lovely lady.

Sitting with her class

Holliday and Emily at dance class!!!!

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