Sunday, September 9, 2018

July 2018

We started the month off right by still being in California! July 1 was on Sunday, so we got ourselves ready and headed to a local Latter-Day Saint meeting. This was such a fun meeting because 1. a lot of people visit to go to Disney 2. it was a fast and testimony meeting. I love hearing people from different backgrounds talk about their stories, so it was a great and inspirational meeting. After the meeting, we went to a town called Orange, and we got treats and explored! It was such a cool place and I felt like we were back in Flagstaff! We split off from our group, and while the Blackburns went to a local zoo, we went home and took naps. Both of our kids will nap if we let it happen, so we made that a priority. The zoo sounded incredible though, so hopefully we will try it next time!!

When we went back to Disneyland on Monday, Gwen and Farris got signed up to fight Darth Vader! Gwen was the smallest one in the group, so they talked with her a little more, and it was so cute! Later, we met Darth Vader. He was talking to someone in our group and asking if they would join the dark side with him. I don't remember who he talked to, but they responded no. Gwen was shocked! She shouted to Darth, "I can do it! I'll help you!" Jake and I laughed so hard!

On July 4, we got to join in on Jan's family tradition. She told us that since her family can't all be together on the holiday, she sends out matching shirts and asked us to send a picture so we'd all be together that way! She is the cutest. So, we donned our matching garb and took some pictures in the shade!

EMILY TURNED TWO! How did this happen!? I'm still not sure! She was graciously gifted a Rapunzel dress and has loved it! She wears it often, and for someone who doesn't like dresses, we think it's a victory! We celebrated her all week, but especially on the day. We made sure to do all of her favorites! We went swimming, ate pizza (she told us it's her favorite food) and played a lot outside! Emily is the best little pal we could have, and we're so happy to celebrate her!

At the end of the month, Meredith came to visit!!!! We had so much fun and didn't take many pictures, but it was magical! I love spending time with her and it reboosts me! She joined me the night she got into town for a bunco night, and I'm so thankful that I'll remember that forever!

Disneyland has cute pendants for holidays! This is one of them!

4th of July shirts and dresses! We love matching!

At our rental, Gwen loved sneaking in to bed for a good snuggle with Jake. Twins!

On the tram! This was from the Mickey Mouse parking area!

Carousel fun! I love her big personality.

Emily was terrified of Chewbacca! Denburn Blackhams forever!!!

Denburn Blackhams and Gwen's bff, Darth.

Right before Gwen beat up Darth

Disneyland has the cute photo areas where they'll use "Disney magic" to touch up the photo. Here are our girls with Tink!



Inseparable. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. lol.

Farris and Gwen were stoked, obviously.

And Allisa and I were equally as thrilled. Soul Sisters!

Clearly we left the older kids somewhere, but its Disney so no one minds.

Relaxing at the rental!

Emily is so sweet and takes in all of her surroundings!

These girls were clearly not in sync with where they wanted to go next! :)


I love my husband!

Dr. Facilier (Shadowman) is one of our favorites. We're terrified of him, but we love him.

He did several magic tricks for us and it was great and funny.

Belle, Farris, Holliday, and Gwen

Ridge and Emily forever! Best cousin friends!


Cosmic Yoga with the kids!

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