Sunday, September 9, 2018

August 2018

Gwen and Emily have always been good friends, but lately they have been the best of friends! They read with each other, play so well together, help each other sneak candy from the top of the cupboards. .  .the list is endless! I love being their mom and am so blessed to see them grow!

GWEN STARTED PRESCHOOL! She loves it! She tells me every day that her classmates are her best friends! She is going three days a week to a local gal that I met through work! Ms. Julie is phenomenal and we just love her so much!

I went thrift store shopping with my great friend Kyli, and I found the best doll house! As soon as we brought it home, Gwen and Emily got out all of their barbies and put them in their new home! It is played with constantly and I'm so glad that we found this gem!

Grandma and Papa Ellsworth came back down to help us! This is a regular thing since buying our home, and it's incredible that we've already been here nearly an entire year! I'll do a separate post about our home improvements and pictures soon!

Every time we drive past a church, Emily shouts out, "Church!!! Temple!" I quickly explain that a church is different from a temple, but decided we should make a family outing from this confusion! We drove to the Gilbert temple, and both girls wanted a picture! I just love them and I feel crazy for liking them so much, but I am okay with that!!

There's a new shop in downtown Mesa that we love visiting, and so we've just been living it up in downtown Mesa!

School time hair cuts!

Preschool Haircut!
First day of school! Notice the pink sparkly shoes!
Preschool with Ms. Julie

Best friends!

Work work work work work


Papa giving Gwen rides like he used to give me!

The Keeper of the Cart

Emily loves cats so much

Thrift store find! Also, I forgot about that disco Ken we found on the same day. Hilarious.

Emily wanted a picture of her shoes!

Our hangout.

Fat pig in downtown Mesa

This is Emily! Can you believe it!? I initially thought this was Gwen and almost cried when I realized it wasn't! Baby Emily is so big!

Gilbert Temple and Denham girls

Right before they fell off the wall. . . just kidding, kinda

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