Sunday, June 3, 2018

May 2018

From August to May, Gwen went weekly to sports class. It was held at a nearby park, and Coach Spencer would teach the kids all kinds of sports, from kickball to softball, and tumbling to soccer! It was super fun, and really great for Gwen! They played water games the last few weeks and Gwen was a mix of loving it for the water and hating it for the grassy mess! We all loved doing sports class with Candlelight Sports and will probably do it again!

Carolyn and I decided pretty last minute to go to the Taylor Swift concernt in Glendale. We only had a few days notice, but Carolyn was a champ and learned so many songs. I, on the other hand, was a bit of an embarrassment, but it was so much fun! And I got a shirt with Taylor's face on it, so mission complete. If only I could get one of Britney Spears! 

Walt was in need of a hygienist for a day, so we made a weekend trip of it! We went up to Snowflake to stay with my parents, and then I drove into Pinetop to work! It was great. The weather was beautiful and we loved being outside. The kids got so messy with the dirt, s'mores, and treats galore, but it was all so worth it! 

Our summer schedule is in full swing! Gym, park, swim, eat, sleep, eat play! It's a pretty great schedule!

Gwen and Coach Spencer
Cora and Gwen, models for life.

Last day of sports class.
Jan gifted us these dresses, and Emily (Miss Fashionista) wouldn't wear hers without this shirt on top. Comical!

Farris had a dance recital and we went! It was so awesome! We will probably do dance with this group next year!

Taylor Swift!

Post s'mores. . . also, Emily didn't want her pants. It's fine.

Papa, Emily, and Gwen looking at the land at the ranch! Papa is going to build a big kitchen here.

Such a natural! Ha!

We went to the river one Sunday to relax with our toes in the water, and to pick up trash!

Jake, Emily, and Fred.
Tired little snugglers.

Gwen is getting cooler and cooler every minute!
Gwen keeps sneaking into bed. I took this picture because 1. it was cute. 2. it was 7:30 am! She never sleeps that late! Also, let's forgive Jake's creepy eyes being semi open! Ha!

We go to the gym every day, an every day we go check out the pool. It's the best.

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