Sunday, August 6, 2017

July 2017

Emily turned one!

First family flight for Gwen and Emily, first married flight, first group flight together! Jake and I have both flown several times since getting married, just never together!

Jake just saw the first picture and said "Really?" hahaha!

We had such a fun month! Yay for summer! 

I was giving Jake a haircut when this brilliant plan hit me in the face. Ha! Emily and Jake twins forever!

Jake is an excellent  primary teacher. He loves his class and this was taken by a ward member after primary ended. They huddled up and did a quick pep talk on how to be good missionaries in the coming week.

Emily was so proud of my hat I got to match her!

We love our pseudo Grandma! Grandma Montgomery sent the girls a birthday/care package, and they loved it so much! We love you!


Cute girl

Pretty Gwen! And also, Emily's favorite place to rest!

She loves sitting and people watching!

Gwen gets a nightly band-aid over an obscure owie. This particular band-aid was gifted to Jake in the middle of the night, and I snapped a sleepy picture because even in the midst of dead asleepness, I knew this was cute.

Ian, Ender, Gwen, and Emily

Gwen covers my eyes in the scary parts of Beauty and the Beast.

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