Sunday, June 11, 2017

May 2017

Our May started out with so much fun!

We have such great neighbors and they invited us to a Family Home Evening barbecue and park day. After eating burgers and playing, they opened up ice chests full of water balloons! It was so fun!

I don't remember the exact day, but we had a morning full of errands, and the girls were going crazy from  being in the car so long. We met up with some friends at the Gilbert water tower and splash pad. I didn't have a swim suit for Gwen, and if you know her, you'll know that the second she gets wet her clothes come off! With that in mind, I took Gwen to the side and told her very clearly, "When you get wet, keep as many clothes on as you can." I consider it a massive victory that she only took off her shorts and kept her shirt and underwear on!!!

Mother's Day was approaching and Jake asked me if I wanted anything particular. I joked, "A full night's sleep with as many naps as I want." Our girls have always been good sleepers, but even the best sleepers have a rough night or two, and I just wanted to sleep without needing to help anyone with potty or drink breaks, random crying in the middle of the night while getting re-situated, and the likes of that. They aren't a nuisance, it's just a matter of fact!!! Anyway! Every time Jake would inquire of this, I'd always say the same thing and laugh. Well, he delivered! We arranged our nanny to stay with the kids and we got a weekend getaway/staycation! We went to a resort in Scottsdale and it was so fun! I SLEPT SO MUCH!!!!! We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and walked around the Scottsdale mall. We bought a massage chair thing from Brookstone and called it a gift from Emily. We ate out and napped, and just did NOTHING! It was great! I missed my babies, but it was so nice to catch up with Jake and be able to visit at meals! I love him. I love our babies. I loved my naps.

Church is at 8:00 am for us. I love it, but Emily typically misses her morning nap and so she is a bit cranky by the time we get out. Jake teaches primary and can't always take her (she's quite popular in his classes) so she comes with me to primary! The other day he was able to go to the main 3rd hour with all the other men, and so he took Emily and she fell asleep! It was a church miracle!! In other church news, I love matching Gwendolyn and Emily up so, SO much.

Gwendolyny-toots started swim lessons with Ms. Hannah! We love Ms. Hannah so much. Gwen learned so much and will say things she learned whenever she can. Her favorites are: 1."You have to wait your turn!" 2."Kick your legs!" 3."Kick, kick, kick!" 4."1, 2, 3, SWIMMING IS AWESOME!" They say that cheer at the end of class and it's the best. Gwen will do this cheer whenever something good happens. We were at church and the first meeting ended, and Gwen promptly shouted, "1, 2, 3, swimming is awesome!" Our fellow back row-ers had quite a laugh.

We went up to Jake's parents house for Memorial Day weekend, and it was the best idea ever. We had the best weather to play in, and we just played all day. I love visiting up there and we're already looking into when we're going next!

Gwen is so good at riding her bike!!

Before she knew there were water balloons, she was just helping out. Haha!

Playing with the big girls.

INSIDE the cooler.

Gilbert water tower

Our massive villa from our staycation in Scottsdale.

Phoenix Zoo splash pad

Emily and Caleb Valdes. He's the baby whisperer!

Emily watching Gwen at swim lessons.


Emily in Pinedale! She takes relaxation seriously.

Cookies are a must for trips.

Gwen at the Pinedale bell!

Jake and Emily
Emily sleeping in church!! It's a miracle!

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