Sunday, June 18, 2017

Emily Rose is 11 Months!

Emily is officially a walker! She stumbles around a bit, but she can walk long stretches. She still is crawling, but the fanfare of walking has really appealed to her.

Emmer-bemmer has the most excellent piggy tails. I love them so much. They make me laugh and I can't handle how cute she is with them.

She is wearing size 12 month clothing, but we can squish her into 9 month outfits.


Emily loves playing with Gwen. The two of them "wrestle" and Gwen lets Em crawl on her while she's laying down. They love each other in the pool and bath especially because they love to splash each other (gently!).

She is a BIG fan of swimming. She just laughs and laughs the whole time. She prefers being held in the water, but she'll enjoy herself in a floating toy. Speaking of pools, if Gwen splashes her too big, Emily gets ticked off! It's pretty funny.

Emily is such a great sleeper. She takes one nap a day, and then sleeps from 6:30pm (sometimes 6:00, and sometimes 7:00) to about 7 am the next morning. We like that great quality in her.

She loves beans(black and pinto), eggs, chicken, crackers, and peaches the most. Tonight for dinner, we ate salmon, broccoli, and quinoa and Miss Emily hated all of it. Ha! You win some, you lose some.


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