Sunday, June 11, 2017

April 2017

I've always loved the Easter time season. My mother openly claims that Easter is her favorite holiday, and that has definitely rubbed off on me!

The month started off with a big dental conference for me. It was an entire weekend, and I was able to see friends that I haven't seen since dental hygiene school in Flagstaff. We got together and did a lunch in between classes. I also went to a lunch with my dental office. I love learning, and it was nice to learn about different topics that weekend!

Meredith, Tyler, Ridge, and Delaney came down from Idaho for a visit! We loved seeing them after a long time of not! While they were here, we went to downtown Mesa for an Easter egg hunt activity. It was similar to the trick or treating activity in October. You bring a bag and go visit local stores on the main street, and the store owners and employees give out candy. It's become a favorite activity of mine! We know where to park to avoid the main crowds, and we get out and run around while still being semi-confined! To me, it's a toddler safety trifecta!

I worked really hard on my garden and lawn this spring, and our bougainvillea was out. of. control. I only meant to trim it, but two and half hours later, it was nearly hacked away. No worries: it's already blossoming again. Sigh.

Gwen, Emily, and I had plans to go to the Easter Pageant, but Emily's early bedtime was standing in the way. Our friends, Mike and Esther, live close to the temple! They offered a bedroom for Emily so that we could go to the pageant. Esther put her youngest to bed, and I put Emily to bed and we all walked over while Mike stayed home. It was fun to be in the crowd and not mess up Emily's life by having her stay up and extra three hours!

We went to a family Easter party at Grandma Uchytil's house! Her garden is always incredible! It was so fun to play with cousins, and we definitely have the best ones!

Gwen and I were able to go see Disney on Ice at the Talking Stick Arena. Gwen loved every second! I bought us a snow cone and it promptly fell onto the floor. That's fine with me; it was not the best snow cone.

We did our first swim of the season with Gabe and Susie and the kids! They all moved down to Gilbert from Flagstaff, and we are selfishly so happy about it! The water was a little chilly, but it warmed up quickly! So fun and the best company ever!

Emily rarely falls asleep while being held, so this was joy!

The girls love playing with the toys together!

She fell asleep and made it from the car to the park! I've never had a transfer like that!

Cousin Love!

Lunch during the convention

Hair train!!! Aunt Mer is the best hair-do-er.
Ridge and Gwen forever! They're dancing to the show!

Ridge, Delaney, and Gwen looking at their Easter treats!

Ian and Gwen at the Easter Pageant

Emily modeling her new mermaid swim suit.

Uchytil cousins!!! We love them!!!
Easter! Not the best picture quality, but I love it! Ha!

Gwen watching the Disney on Ice show!!! She loved it but my best pictures wouldn't upload.

Playing at Urban Jungle near our house. It's a 3 minute walk from door to door!

Action Shot!

She loved the trampoline!

Swimming at the Valdes House!

There's always time for a BFF Target trip. Gwen and Berlyn forever!!!!

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