Saturday, February 18, 2017

January 2017

We made it into another year!!!

Our 2016 ended and 2017 began with potty training Gwen! We did something called the 3-day method, and it was so worth it! Gwen is such an independent girl and she loves being a big girl and wearing big girl undies. I love it so much.

Gwendolyn got a brand new bed, and it looks phenomenal.

We spent a lot of time with our friends Chelsea, Berlyn, and Reagan. We went to the junior high by our house, played in the garden and have done several park trips together!

I got a hair cut and chopped off about 6 inches!!!

Jake went to his work's year end review meeting, and the guys he works with in the territory did well all year and won a trip to Canada! We are so glad he is doing well in this new position and he's really been loving it!

One of my new year goals was to make one new meal per week. It's been a really fun way to branch out of my cooking norm. So far, the tuna ceviche wraps were my favorite! I'm not great at taking pictures of food, but I included one from the ceviche.

Gwen and Berlyn playing on the bleachers

G loves Mulan and thinks the broom is her staff.

She loves his bearded kisses!

Gwen and Adam at the park feeding ducks!

Carolyn and I went to a paint night hosted by the Mesa Library. It was hilarious.

Learning to sleep unswaddled. . . quite an adventure.

This is how we lounge around.

Emily is clearly a model.


One of our new meals.

Gwen's new bed. The picture is wonky because it was a panoramic that I shortened.

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Carolyn Banfield said...

THAT PAINT NIGHT WAS AMAZING!! plus we are mesa public library famous!