Saturday, February 18, 2017

Emily Rose is 7 Months!!!

Emily can crawl!!!!! She is so mobile and is all over the place. It has significantly changed our lives. The floors are nearly always spotless, Emily is sometimes lost and we have to wait until she yells to find her, and Gwen is always laughing when they're inadvertently playing peekaboo!

We go to the park pretty often, and have started putting Emily in the swings! It's so cute to watch her smile as she goes back and forth.

Emily's favorite food is pretzels and she eats them so fast that I hand her multiple at a time.

The weather has been so great that we spend a lot of time outside. Emily has this sonar that can detect fallen leaves. She will hustle her little crawling self over and put the leaf in her mouth. She is so fast and the leaves are going to kill me because she tries to eat so many!

Em just gets cuter and cuter every second. She is still on the charts as "tall and skinny," but she feels nice and heavy to us! Her cheeks are so sweet and chunky, and she has the most delicious dimples on her cheeks! Her brown eyes are the color of melted chocolate, and I just dream about them. She is the perfect addition to our family!

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