Saturday, February 18, 2017

Emily Rose is 6 Months Old!

15.75 pounds

Loves to sing along with the piano and radio

Loves hearing people laugh!

Her long dark hair all fell out, and now she has a head full of dirty blonde/light brown hair! She's so dreamy!

Clicks her tongue similarly to her grandpa great (Grant Christensen!)

Emily's favorite food is bananas, but sweet potatoes are almost a tie with the bananas.

Emily had a rough time napping for a while because she could get out of the swaddle. It took a while, but she's getting used to sleeping with her arms out.

She prefers playing with empty water bottles over actual toys.

Emily is the sweetest baby! We love her so much. Gwen is her favorite person and their friendship grows by leaps and bounds every day!

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