Friday, January 6, 2017

Emily Rose is Five Months Old

Little, perfect Emily! She is the most wonderful girl. She rolls all over the place and kicks her legs like crazy. We're convinced she's going to crawl soon because she wants to get Gwen!

She loves pulling hair and sucking on it. It's the strangest thing and it's a little painful, but it's her thing. Poor Gwen. Emily will grab G's hair and Gwen's response is always, "Baby Emmer, please wet go. You ur hurt my hur!" And the E cackles and I know she's a firecracker!

I have never seen a girl like a bath so much. Emily will kick kick kick so much that waves start going in the tub! Whenever water gets in her eyes, she complains and then laughs and starts over.

She's lost a lot of her dark hair. We gave Emily's hair a little trim to even out her very few dark strands and now she just looks blonde except for her dark hair at her nape.

We like to push her cute little forehead for laughs.

Any time music comes on, Emily will start wiggling and dancing! She loves all music.

Emily tried rice cereal. She wasn't a fan. So we started purees and she's huge fan! She hates peas. Loves sweet potatoes, bananas, and squash.

She is a momma's girl. I'm thrilled about this. When Gwen was a baby, she preferred Jake over me and I was fine with it because I was so busy with school. Emily has been such a joy for me because I get to experience things first and send the news to Jake instead of the other way around! I love these girls so differently but so much the same. What an anomaly. Back to the point. She is so easy for me to take places because if she starts to get fussy I just have to make eye contact or talk to her and she calms right down!

Emily has the best smile. Her whole face lights up and it just takes up her entire body! She is such a joy to have in our family! We all love her so much!

Don't let her fool you. She loved trying this cereal.

She likes to stretch out so we can see how tall she is.
Toes are her favorite feature!

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mce said...

Hello, Emily became six months old on January 14th, 2017. just letting you know, because i am like that. love to all, mce