Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Emily is One Month Old!

Weight: 10 pounds, 14 oz
Length: 21.5 inches
Clothing Size: 0-3 months
Favorite Food:Milkies!
Favorite Sister: Gwen, hands down.
Likes to snuggle
Nicknames: Em, Emmy, Sister, Little Momma, Baby, and Fanny. Gwen just calls her "Cute!"

Emily is so funny. She is very vocal and loves to complain before the fully wakes up. We always hear her in her room groaning about having to wake up. Her hands are her worst enemy. They always try to attack the poor girl. She can sleep through anything, and she has been sleeping in her own room since day 4. Having her in our room was giving keeping me awake with every noise and movement I'd hear, and since she's been in her room we've all been happier!

We have a witching hour here. The air conditioner will shut off at some point in the evening, and then Gwen will start fighting and Emily wakes up TICKED off and Jake and I will be hot a sweaty after that period ends! It's terrifying and we're already phasing out of it, but it was a common occurrence in this first month of Emily-life.

Fred LOVES Emily. If she cries and I don't immediately pick her up, he will come up to me, cry, and then run back to her until I come. Every time I change her diaper on the floor, Fred will come lick her head. He loves laying next to her. I'm convinced his favorite thing is sitting on the couch with Gwen, Emily and I. He is a protective guy to our girls.

Emily has a swing that sometimes she likes. When she likes it, I praise the swing gods. When she hates it, I curse them. That's she same situation with her pacifier.

E was born with a strong neck! She loves tummy time.

This quilt!!!!

and THIS quilt!!!

This is Barry. They have a love/hate thing going on.


Gwen is so in love with Emily. They melt my heart!

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