Thursday, December 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Our Halloween costume this year was a little bit of a flop. We planned on doing a "Monster's, Inc" theme, and like last year, I made myself a tutu. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but it was okay, because Jake and Gwen looked excellent!!! We went to our ward party, and ate lots of soup and breads.

On the actual day of Halloween, we were thrilled to be able to go to Mesa and stay with my parents. Jake decided he didn't want to walk around for candy, so he would hand it out at the house, and my mom walked around with Gwen and I! Because of Gwen's "costume", people assumed she was in her jammies, and I just went with it!

It was a great evening, and we walked and walked and walked! My mom was such a trooper. I have weird anxiety and didn't want to take Gwen up to doors, and with my mother's nudging, we got a ton of candy and it was very worth it!

Gwen would go up to doors, hold out her pumpkin, say "thank you!" and then give them a piece of candy from her bucket. It was cute because the people would always gives us the piece back, and them more candy for her being polite!

We had G in a little stroller, and at each house, she would get up and walk straight to the door. It was hilarious! She was constantly eating suckers, and it was a battle for my mom and I!

Overall, my parents neighborhood was amazing for trick or treating, and I think we'd like to make that a new tradition!

I'm so bummed about this, but I only have two pictures and they're both from the church party. I thought I took more, but nope! Oh well. 

Boo, Mike Wazowski, and Sully at the ward party

After the party we were a bit tired!

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