Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

This year we decided to do a VERY low key Christmas. We have been saving quite ferociously to pay off school loans as quickly as possible, while saving for a down payment. We opted out of a tree, but still put up a single strand of lights in the window. We also put up our few, but loved nativity sets.

We also decided against presents. We got the piano for "Gwen," but it's been our family gift. We found a deal on Legos, and after we bought a small box of those, we were set!

Vonnie and Walter Denham gave us a wonderful gift of the children's hymns on CD! We immediately downloaded them all and have had so much fun listening to the more obscure songs! There are REALLY good songs that I've never heard before, so we are going to learn all the songs this year! We're excited.

Our gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth were wonderful as well! We got a DVD of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir that we watched as soon as we opened, a new wallet for me, new slippers for Jake, my favorite Arizona calendar, and other surprises as well!

Yesterday, Gwen and I had a bit of an accident. We were leaving on an errand, and I was holding Gwen and a diaper bag. I took a bad step, twisted my ankle, and fell. On my way down, I dropped the bag, and my poor Gwendolyn flat on her back. I've never hurt my ankle before, and I couldn't move. Gwen was feet away from me and crying so hard, so I dragged her to me, pulled her on top of my tummy, and we just laid on our dirt carport crying together!!! It is funny to imagine today, but yesterday it was awful! Gwen got a big goose-egg on her head, and my ankle is huge and nearly impossible to walk on! One thing that was so sweet to me about the incident was that when Gwen was on me and I was crying while comforting her, she looked at me and started to pat me on the head like I was patting her back. It made me cry more, so she started crying more. After another second, I calmed down, went inside for some fruit snacks, and we were off on our errand. Our sweet Gwendolyn is so kind and sensitive. She wants everyone to be happy. We love her so much. 

We were so blessed this year. I graduated from NAU, got my first dental hygiene job, Jake's work took off with his extremely hard work, Gwen learned so much and is almost talking, Fred is almost well-behaved (HAHA!) and we are just happy. We don't know where life is taking us, and we think a lot about where we are going with work and home, but we are loving each other and serving others. We've learned to rely on one another more than ever.

Gwen loves the snow.


Best friends.

Us in our Christmas jammies!



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Oh! Your fall sounded scary! Glad you had a good Christmas! Miss you guys!