Saturday, October 3, 2015

September 2015

In September, we got to host my VERY favorite brother and sister-in-law, plus their three kids. We went out to pizza, and came home to look for the water heater. . . which I still cannot find.

Jake and I went on a date to a stupid movie and I'm still mad about it. One of my favorite book series is The Maze Runner! It's written by an LDS author, and it's seriously incredible. So when I found out the second book's movie was coming out, I NEARLY hyperventilated. So we got a sitter and saw it. . . it. was. awful. I wanted to leave so many times. It didn't follow the book AT ALL, and all the swearing made me soooo mad! Ugh. I just hated it. I HATED it. If you have read that series, please do not see the second film. It will make your skin hurt. I've learned my lesson and will just rewatch the first movie to calm myself. . . because the first one was AWESOME. Stupid Hollywood.

We celebrated Labor Day with a hike. I discovered that Jake hates family pictures, so I guess that's a torture tool for the future.

I've been making this quinoa dish that is SO yummy! I make it once a week, Gwen and I inhale as much as we can, and then I pack it into containers for the rest of the week. WE LOVE IT. Jake hates it. He is positive it's because there is not meat, but I digress.


We got to spend the morning with Gwen's best friend, Laila! And I got to spend the morning with Elia, who is the kindest person you'd ever meet! We roamed around Sam's Club. It was magical.

On the last Monday of September, we got to go to a ward Family Home Evening night at Bishop and Sister West's home! It was so fun! Gwen and J rode a horse, jumped on the trampoline, played cornhole, and finished the night off with a BBQ. It was so much fun!

In other news, Gwen doesn't think she is little. She'll see kids who are her size and say "Baby! Babyyy!" It makes me laugh because I'm thinking "YOU are the baby!" HA! She's funny.

At her 18 month appointment, she weighed 24 pounds, and is average for height, weight, and head circumference.

Gwen's vocabulary includes phrases like,  "Look up!" for the airplanes and helicopters. "Awwww, puppy!" for anything that is on four legs. . . when Gwen saw the horses, she screamed puppy over and over! She says "GO GO GO!" to anyone running or biking, and she says, "I love you" and "K" like the shortened okay. That's from me. I say "K" all the time and didn't realize it until she started it!


After the worst movie ever, we got shakes.

The new favorite recipe we make every week!

Labor Day Hike

G loved drinking from the water straw thing.

Grayson, Emma, and Gwen playing in the fort.

Fred and his cone!

Silly G.

She helps in mysterious ways.

This is her favorite thing. Sitting in her green chair with the cat piano.

Laila and Gwen forever!


Gwen helping me on our jog. She keeps Fred in check.

We moved a bookcase into the living room, and Gwen got stuck wedged between these!

They love each other.

We love that ladybug car thing.

G carries this cooler with her everywhere.


Katie Seigfried said...

I love Gwen, and I'm jealous of your summer Flagstaff adventures! I'm looking forward to it cooling down here so we can have our own adventures and make everyone jealous haha

Carissa said...

I LOVE that double-chin selfie!! and I'm jealous of the horseback riding, I have still never really done that. And I didn't know you were friends with Melissa & her little Grayson! I used to visit teach her but they moved to the other ward & I'm sad. but I'm happy when I read your blog:)