Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nashville, Tennessee

I had the opportunity to go to Nashville, Tennessee to present research at the annual American Dental Hygienist's Association (ADHA) meeting! Air fare and lodging were provided at the expense of the university, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. . . and plus I worked dang hard on that research, so I was really excited!

Anna, Lundon, and I flew from Phoenix to Nashville on Tuesday, and we met up with Danica at the airport. We took a taxi to the hotel, and it was terrifying. If you've ever seen an episode of Gossip Girl, you've seen a taxi ride, and that's what I expected but I was oh-so-wrong. We were driving on the freeway with the windows down, nearly hitting cars on the left, right and even ahead of us. I wish I would've taken a photo or video, but I probably would've lost it out the window or something!

The hotel was beautiful, and in the heart of downtown. We were able to walk to the conference center and restaurants, and we averaged like. . . 5 or 6 miles per day.

Though our research didn't win, the opportunity was so great! I missed my husband and my baby, but I'm thankful for the chance to go.

Anna and I pre-flight. That box carried our research posters.

Not our plane, but the one next to us.

This was seriously the best!!!!

I haven't flown in ages, and my excitement for the trip showed. The flight attendant scooped me out of line to take this!

Me, Lundon, and Anna

Nashville has such beautiful churches! This is one of many.

This was a place that jipped my of ice cream, but the cobbler was worth it.

BOOTS GALORE! Every boot shop advertised by 1 pair, get two free!

I took a lot of food pictures. . . it was all so good!

Anna, Danica, and Lundon.

Mac and Cheese with spicy chicken. . . SO GOOD. Also, I weigh 3,000 pounds after this trip.

Anna, Me, Boot, Lundon, Danica

This wall was in our hotel. I loved it!

This little group was amazing. There was so much talent on the streets!


It isn't a concert without an ambulance.

This is a bridge to LP Field. People lined the bridge and listened to the music. It was so great!

This is a printing shop in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

During a lunch break, we documented all of our free swag.

This was about 1/2 of all the stuff I got. I had to throw some away to get on the plane, and the other 1/2 I'd already put away!

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