Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day Camping at Blue Ridge Reservoir

About a month ago, Meredith, Tyler and Ridge had gone camping and invited us! We weren't able to go out to spend the night, but we were able to join them the next day for some playing!

We met nearly in the middle of our two cities (Payson and Flagstaff) at the Blue Ridge Reservoir! It was this great little camping spot with a beautiful little dam and lake about two miles up the way.

The Forsbergs treated us to lunch and snacks, and we really just played and played and played! Gwen was so dirty and SO tired by the time we headed home that she passed out in the car, and then woke up for a bath once we got home. As soon as that bath was over, Mini konked out again! She was exhausted from playing, hiking, and the sun, and we cannot wait to do it again!

Now, picture overload! These babies were too cute to not get a million pictures of!

Gwen and Ridge in the back of the truck, post hike to the dam.

Gwen, Ridge, and Aunt Merry

This place was just beautiful.

Don't mind our dirt-filled selves.

Gwen digging with a spoon. . .

Ridge digging with a spoon! HA!

At our campsite.

Mini's newest trick--climbing into this and tipping over.

Ridgey was pooped.

Gwen was trying to lead a walk.

Better view of the camp.

Ridge and I struggling.



Merry, Ridge, Tyler.

I cannot handle the cuteness of that bum in these granny pants.

Forcing handholds!

Notice Mini's snack of dirt, clearly evident on her mouth.

Ridge is an escape-er.

TP stuck on Gwen's foot.


Gwendolyn, kicking Ridge in the head!

What a sweet dude!

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