Sunday, April 5, 2015

MONTH 12!!

On March 28, Gwendolyn celebrated her 12 month anniversary of being born!

Here are her yearly statistics!
22.1 pounds
29.3 inches tall
45.5 cm head circumference

Our sweet daughter walks! She still will crawl occasionally, and if she trips and falls, she'll stay on the ground and crawl.

Mini is able to say some words, and we don't know if it's in our heads or if she's really saying those things, but we think she's just really advanced (parental pride, no shame!).

Her words:
Jake! both of those have exclamations because she yells them.
 When she says "Jake!" we always say "GWEN! His name is Dad!" And then she just stares at us. We think it's hilarious, though it probably doesn't make sense to anyone else :)
Ed. (We think this is for Fred, who is huge by the way!)
No! Alas, she says no. I feel this is great though. Only loving parents say no, so I'm doing something right, I guess!

Gwendolyn recognizes people better than ever. If she recognizes a person, she will hold out her arm until the person holds her hand or touches her.

Mini is sensitive to us leaving her. Because I'm still in school four days a week (1 more month, woop woop!) she goes to babysitters nearly every day. For the most part, she LOVES playing with her friends, but there are those sad days that I have to run away from the sitter's house so I won't hear her crying out for her mom-mom.

Gwendle LOVES her Fred. They are best friends. He is so good with her, likely because it's all he's ever known. He lets her grab his face, ears, and tail and just licks her. Occasionally he'll knock her down while walking/running past her, but she just LAUGHS when that happens!

Gwen's thighs are her most ticklish spot.

She loves talking on the phone! I can't number how many times I call family members on speaker phone and ask them to say "Hi!" to Gwendolyn because I do it so often! She loves hearing people say hello via phone! She just laughs and smiles when we're lucky enough to catch someone!

Gwen loves music. She plays the recorder, bangs things together, and plays her new cat piano. She is so inclined to music. I love being with her at church because she will be so still during musical times, and if the music stops, which it always does, she'll start "singing" or crying if no one else sings with her. I cannot wait to have a real piano to hear her plinking around on.

We are so blessed to have Gwendolyn in our family. I've said it before, and I'll say it to Gwen for her entire life, but Heavenly Father really outdid himself with our daughter. She is kind, beautiful, sweet, funny, and she loves everyone. Her attitude is infectious. She lights up the room with her smile. She is such a joy to have, and we constantly strive to be the best we can be just to have the promise of eternity together fulfilled.

We love you Gwendolyn Yvonne. You are the best first-born daughter we will ever know!
Always on the move with her cell phone!

She is so beautiful!

We've spend a lot of time at the parks lately!

We've also been putting this fire pit to good use! Gwen loves helping!

She was not impressed with me wanting a picture.
Best friends.

We've had some plumbing issues, and Jake installed a new faucet. Next on the list is a new dishwasher.

Gwen's favorite spot.

G squared=true love

This smile is my favorite thing in the world.

Our backyard is the best place ever.

Gwen and her cat piano.

She loves Popsicles!