Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Recap

I've said it before, and I know I'll say it again, but this was the best year ever. We were blessed with beautiful Gwendolyn, a new job for Jake, a new and bigger home, a new truck, Fred, and so many trips to visit family that I couldn't even keep track.

We took a lot of walks, went to a lot of NAU basketball games, and babysat for our good friends. We were gifted a crib and my sister came in to get her teeth cleaned with me at school.

In February, I got to work on our babe's quilt. Jake's diploma arrived in the mail, so to celebrate, he let me clean his teeth. I had a really great Valentine's Day outfit, and we went to even more NAU basketball games.


We celebrated Jake's birthday on the eighth, and later celebrated being Super Pregnant for a free chik-fil-a meal! I was thrown an incredibly beautiful baby shower, and on March 28, we got the best gift ever!

We took a lot of pictures of our new baby.


In May, Jacob blessed our sweet girl. We had family up, and Gwen really chunked up.

Jake started working for Pacific Pulmonary! We all stayed in a fancy hotel while he went through training. Gwen got her ears pierced, and we celebrated our anniversary!

July consisted of a rainy fourth, and lots of walks in our fancy stroller.


August marked the beginning of my senior year at NAU. We had beautiful family photos taken, and Gwen experimented a lot of new foods.


Not much happened. Just school, work, and growing! I think Gwen was crawling by now, but I don't remember perfectly!

We dressed UP.
I did a big project for school, we went to Utah, and we took pictures with the wrong baby.

Gwen's first Christmas, Fred, and snow!

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mce said...

i love your family. you are all so cute!!!