Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We love Thanksgiving. It's our favorite because it gives us good breaks from work and school, and we get to see all our family!

This year, Meredith and I decided we would run the Gilbert turkey trot. I found out about it from a blog I read called 71 Toes. That blog is incredible. Anyway. So we started Thanksgiving Day off with an early-ish morning run. It was out in the San Tan valley, and we could see the Gilbert Temple spire from the course. I definitely think the Gilbert turkey trot has the best tshirts ever.

That afternoon began with lunch with the Uchytils. Aunt Roxanne is a great host, and we were fed very well. We caught up with them, and they all met Gwennie! We left before games got started because Gwen was in dire need of a nap(she tends to strike them when we aren't at home).

After we got back to my parents' home (and took naps, hallelujah!) we began dinner just as more family came! We had our Yuma Claridges, and it was so great! I don't even know how she did it, but Meredith did the turkey trot, made desserts, and dinner, and still looked like such a fox! It was great. I'm definitely not even close to being that amazing, so I just ate everything that I could and called it a day.

I don't remember if it was Black Friday or Saturday that this happened, but the Claridges, Meredith, Mom and I all went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. It was my first time there, and it was so fun! It's a buffet, but it's more healthy than a normal buffet. They had an ice cream machine with vanilla and pumpkin swirl, and I was all over that. SO many funny things happened there! Jeremy gave Gwen ice cream, and she loved it. Cordelia didn't get Malcolm his ice cream right, so she had to do it again. . . just so many funny things! It was a treat to be able to hang out like that. Living in Flagstaff is amazing, but we do miss our families, so holidays are excellent!

We got to see one of my very best friends during the break as well. Kyli and I's friendship is forever long, and we haven't seen each other since her wedding (I think. . .). She's expecting her first baby, and it was so great to see her 1. in general, and 2. with a belly! She looks amazing, and we love her and her husband. We also love Baby Wright.

We are so blessed. Gwendolyn is the greatest blessing to us. I are thankful for her every day, and I'm thankful for the blessing I have of sharing eternity with Jacob. J has a great job that allows me to stay home and be with Gwen, and he is so wonderful with my school schedule. He is always there to pick up my slack when school is my focus. Not only am I thankful for my little family unit, but I am thankful for my parents, siblings, and my nieces and nephews. I love the people they are. We ALL have our fine qualities, but my family know my less-than-desirable traits, and they love me right through them! We are just so blessed.

Pre-Turkey Trot. We all dressed too warm this entire trip.

Gwen is a vampire. She sees the sunlight and shrivels up.

Post nap!

Jake is trying out a new smile here.

This one is blurry, but it's my favorite because look. at. my. hair. I'm a blurry mermaid.

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