Sunday, December 28, 2014

Month 9!!!

Mini is 9 months young, today!!!

Slightly less than 20 pounds.
5 teeth
Can completely clap, now!
Got her first bang trim. . . it's uneven, but I did my best so whatever!
Wears 9-12 month onsies, and 18 month pants. My favorite are the knit skinnies from Target!
Gwen can pull herself up on something, and then transfer to holding something else. That may make more sense with an example. She can pull herself up on the couch, and then hold onto our knees and move!
Mini just got her first foot measurements; she's a 4.5 wide. Our chunky has chunky feet :)
Got her first dog.
Still working on walking.
Gwendle sleeps through the night. She'll wake up a few times, but puts herself back to sleep, so it counts!
LOVES foods. Today we tried pineapple and pepperonis, and this girl was in HEAVEN. We got a huge bucket of cheeseballs for Christmas, and I have been giving halves to Gwen. She loves them. Also, she loves raisins, goldfish crackers, cheese, and her favorite is still meat and beans.
Her milk appetite has gone down. I think this is because of the amount of food-food she's eating.

Gwen loves pulling off her socks. If we ever forget to put shoes over her socks, Gwen will pull them off and start cackling and snorting in joy!
She learned how to open-mouth kiss, and every time we kiss her, she opens up and says, "Aaaaaawww!"
She loves singing. If anyone is singing, she'll start. When singing stops, she'll start singing to get the crowd going again.
Gwen loves pulling books out of the book case. This is a feat because she pulls out my huge dental hygiene books. She is a strong lady.

We love Gwen so, so much. Our hearts are full of pride, but it's also humbling to have such a sweet girl straight from heaven. We love her so much. Each day is better than the day before, and I'm so thankful to be her mother. 

She sometimes likes Fred, but not if he touches her.

See! He walks away and she likes him! ha!

Eating her new Hot Wheels.

She wanted to climb the pillow mountain I made.

Jake is making them touch. . .

HAHA! Puppy love.

When we play, I lay on the floor. Now she climbs on me and scratches my face. It's still fun.

Gwen got to have two fun play dates when Charlie and Van came over!


She loves eating the edges of her blankies.

Gwen and Curtis. Reunited.

I barely caught this, hence all the blur. Curtis and Gwen, Clayton and Ren.

Shopping with Susie and Heidi Valdes. We wanted to see Gwen with dark hair. She was not impressed.

We recently made a lot of trips to Petsmart. Gwennie loves the birds.

OUR FRIENDS CAME TO TOWN! Jake blinked, but oh well. We LOVE the Christensens, and can't wait to live by them.

Fred giving Gwen rides.

Just hanging out on this mammoth of a kennel.


Becky said...

Love her! So cute!

Carissa said...
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Carissa said...

K, I'm catching up a little & reading your blog & your family and doggie are super cute. Also, did you move?? I feel way behind if you've been living in a new place for months now, I'm sorry!