Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Month 8.

Weight: 19.6 pounds
Teeth: FOUR!!! Central incisors on the bottom and top! 
Favorite food: Green beans
Favorite activity: Eating cut hair that falls on the floor while mom is busy finishing said haircut
Favorite guy: Dad.
Favorite person: DAD!
Words: Dadadada, and Mamamama. Sometimes we will hear her accidentally say "Hi!" and then laugh
Best friends: Ridgey, Jeremy, and the Pemberton boys!
Favorite cat: The one on her hat

Gwen CRAWLS, people. She is a non-stop mover, and it has been so much fun.
She loves to stand up. She will stand with the help of anything she can find.
Opening drawers has turned dangerous. She gets her little fingers stuck in the cracks, and it's so sad!
Gwen can push open doors that look closed. She's very proud about this one. If it's quiet, we'll go look in the office, and there's Gwendle, just sitting in the middle of the room, smiling to herself.
Mini stopped sleeping through the night, again. It's okay. We'll work on that.
Eating is a whole adventure. We've stopped doing pureed foods, and just give her what we eat. Surprisingly, it's gone better that I anticipated. She loves green beans most, loves shredded chicken, noodles, rice, and did I say green beans? Because this girl LOVES green beans.

Gwen went on her first out of state adventure! We went to Utah to celebrate my sweet niece's birthday and baptism, and we got to meet their newest baby, Jeremy! He's so handsome, and the girls are just 100% kind. We stayed in a fancy hotel, ate out a lot, and played with family. Gwen was miserable whenever we were in the car, but we chalked it up to teething. We planned on staying until Sunday, but left early in the morning (really, REALLY early) because Mini was so unhappy. I decided it couldn't be teething that was bothering her because she is such a champ with those teeth, and normally doesn't do a thing differently than normal.  I was super worried about her ears, and wanted to get her to her doctor as quickly as possible. When we got to Flagstaff, we got a same day appointment at her office (Mountain View Pediatrics is the BEST) and while she was congested, the doc didn't find anything wrong with her ears. I should add that she was tugging at them so so so much, and that is why I was extra concerned. Gwen's sickness hit her later that week, and she had a high fever, and just plain old didn't feel good. I stayed home from school, and Jake missed the next day of work because she was so bad. Luckily, she's all better from that sickness, and now she's just battling a non-stop cold.

Gwendolyn l.o.v.e.s. the fridge! If we open it, you can hear her crawling over as quickly as possible! She just looks in it and touches everything. So far, nothing bad has come of this, but I'm getting more wary of her mischief!

We have a favorite pseudo-Aunt, and her name is Aunt Hannah. Hannah and I met while taking pre-requisites at NAU, and have been friends ever since. She sent Gwen a love package, and we got in on a randomly warm day in the mountains. We went outside and Miss Gwen was not too pleased about the bright sunshine, but when we gave her Hannah's gift, her face LIT up. We haven't gotten to see Aunt Hannah much because she moved home to California to finish her final semester of school, but she graduates on Friday, December 12, so we get to hug and play with her and her family soon!

Gwen has discovered that her car seat rocks, and this turned out to be a great/terrible discovery. She will rock and rock and then BONK so hard. Whenever I hear her on it, I tell her to rock slowly. . . it hasn't helped yet!

Mini understands our tones, I think! When she is going into her room, we all know it's so she can pull the lamp cord out and suck on it. We will say, "Gweeeen. . ." and she will immediately backtrack, look at us and then smile like she wasn't doing anything! She is getting so tricky! She is so much fun!

She loves to help me with homework and studying. . . this is accomplished by stalking the bookcase. She pulls herself up, and will not leave that thing unless you pull her away. So helpful.

Gwen loves looking out the window. We'll pull the blinds up and she'll play with the blind cord while gazing at the cars and trees and people. It's become part of our routine now. Whenever she wakes up, we look outside until we are really awake.

She loves her diaper bag. She pushes and pulls it around the house. Gwen is just so fashion-forward.

We just love our daughter. She has so much joy, and she has helped our home feel so much better. We love her sweet spirit and the personality she has lights up our lives.
Modeling her onsie.

Ridge, Gramps, Gwen. She is not thrilled about how early it was. We woke her up to start the trip to Utah.

Gwen, post slap from Ridge, with J as referee.

Just the cousins being rowdy after the baptism.

Gwen on the fancy hotel bed.

Lately she's enjoyed sucking on the edge of her blankets!

Passed out during the road trip. Look at that double chin. Sadly, all her crawling is thinning her out, despite her huge appetite.

Out of place, but still chunky.

Also, her in short sleeves is so different!

This is her cat hat. She is SO delicious in it!

Looking. . .

And touching.

This is when we got her gift from Aunt Hannah. Pre-gift!

Post gift! She loves her Dumbo!

No pants, no problem.

This is from when she was so sick. She usually doesn't cuddle/snuggle, but she wouldn't let us put her down.

She can't study with her clothes on.

Backstory: When she was first learning how to pull herself up, she would always grab my hair to hold on to! I caught it here!

Looking out the front window!


Mini was helping up pack for Thanksgiving.

I think she was sick of me playing with her here.

Excited to go to Mesa for Thanksgiving!

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Katie Seigfried said...

Gwen! I can't believe how big she is! I definitely think she and Sophia would be besties. I keep seeing lots of similarities between them as she grows haha!