Thursday, September 4, 2014

My life as a temporary single mom.

J's new job often takes him into cities surrounding Flagstaff, but they have sent him to New Mexico for a week. He is training with a man named Nick, and Nick's area is similar to Jake's in Flagstaff. He's been gone since Monday, and he will come home in a couple of days.

Things I've Learned:
1. Time management. I've never gotten so much homework and so many assignments done in a day as I do now. I know Gwennie won't remember me going away for school every day, 8 hours each time, but I do. There is nothing to remedy this schedule, so I make the time I have at home count. When that baby is awake, we play, and we play hard. We laugh, we bounce, we dance, we sing, we walk, we roll. . . we do everything we can. When Mini naps, I turn her sound soother on loud and get to work. I work meticulously, and I work fast. When I hear Gwen start to stir and wake up, I start wrapping up work, and when she is full blown awake, we play hard all over again.
2. I'm not really a single mom. When a nap doesn't go long enough and I can't get enough done, the next nap will always be a little longer so make up for it. I don't attribute that to Gwen; I know that God is helping me through. In so many things, I can see his hand helping me along. From little things like dropping a hole punch on the table and having it knock into a full bottle of fresh and uncapped milk without tipping or spilling at all, to the little scripture and prayer time we have before bed, I know I'm not alone, and I know Gwen isn't either.
3. Teachers are more likely to help you if they know what is going on. I missed an entire patient case study and the first quiz in one of my classes with a pretty difficult teacher. As soon as I realized it, I emailed her letting her know my situation, and she let me do the case study for partial credit. To some, that may not seem like fair, but this was a humongous gesture. I'm so thankful for her being willing to help me.
4. Singing, dancing, and talking to each other kindly help bad moods go away. Sometimes Gwen is not happy. She'll be tired or bored or who knows what, but just not happy. Same goes for me. But in those times, when I smile and talk to Gwen, or turn on Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" for a dance party, and when Gwennie high pitched scream/talks to me and then laughs, everything is better. A simple smile or laugh go a long way in this family!
5. I seriously am a sleeper. I had no clue I was such a needy sleep person, but my gosh. I love sleep, and I think when J gets home this Friday, I know that man will miss his baby and need to play with her as much as possible. . . and I intend on sleeping the entire time.
6. It is important to say no. Or yes. It's important to only commit to what you know you can handle. I've said no to hair appointments, study groups, dinners out. . . all sorts of things because I know I want to commit 100% to Gwen. Priorities are vital.

And now for some pictures we've taken since Jake has been away. 
Gwen being a model. Typical.

We were Facetime-ing and I was showing him my lower arch and how my crown looks misaligned. HAHAH! Marriage.


Mini bumped her head on the carseat and it did this. I expected a cry, but she looked at me like, "Did you see that!? It was funny, mom!"

We send J selfies while he's away.


mce said...

You are both so beautiful
love mce

jessica said...

I found out I am a sleep person too. Morning snuggles in the bedroom were my solution. I'd get some partial shut-eye while Roland gurgled and sang to me in the bed. Of course he hit me and pulled my hair a lot, but it was better than not getting any rest at all ;)

Katie Seigfried said...

You're so awesome Verity! That's tough stuff, but you have such a great attitude! Hippie all is going well!