Friday, September 5, 2014

Month 5.

GWEN! How is she already 5 months!? She is delicious.

Mini weighs 18 pounds and has delicious rolls all over her body. We have to make sure to clean out her neck roll because the weirdest stuff gets stuck in it if we don't!

She wears 6-9 month onsies and outfits. They are a little bit too tall for her, but they fit her shoulders, belly, and bum so we like them.

We cannot figure out what to do about her diaper situation. Gwen has always done great with Target brand diapers. Those were the only ones that she wouldn't explode out of, so we just stuck with them. Lately, after some random explosions of not enough poop to cause an explosion, we upped her to size 4, but Target's aren't doing the trick, and neither are Pampers. I think we'll try Huggies once we finish all the diapers we have left!

Gwen rolls to the left and to the right now. She can scoot herself backwards, and it really confuses her! She'll try to get something in front of her, but end up farther away and it is devastating to her!

Mini started solids! She loves avocado and sweet potatoes, but dislikes squash and carrots. We got a Baby Bullet and have been shopping at the farmer's market, so we like to say Gwen is all organic! It's fun to make her foods. I love that bullet!

Gwen isn't too fond of walks lately. I think it's because she thinks we're trying to get her to fall asleep.

Mini's bum is the cutest thing, ever.

She has a key-toy that she is OBSESSED with. She shakes that thing so vigorously, and then it flings out of her hand and she is not happy! It's hilarious to see her throw so well!

Her motor control is developing so well. If you hold something out to her, she can actually reach out for it and grab it.

She is starting to get the hang of eating, and will actually swallow food, versus spitting it out. She's learning that drinking and eating require different tongue movements, and it is so cute!

ABC Song is still her favorite. She just laughs and laughs when we sing it! Maybe it's our awkward singing voices. . .  HA!

Gwen still loves being swaddled, but she will struggle in her sleep to free her arms. We put her to sleep with a silky in her reach, and when we wake up and the sun is coming in through the cracks in the black out curtains, you can guarantee that the silky is on her face to cover up any light. She is a late riser!

That being said, Gwen naps in the daylight with no blackout curtains like a champ!

She is starting to understand the concept of Peekaboo!

She loooooves looking at herself in the mirror.

She loves people watching and therefore loves church.

Gwen voted for the first time.

She has learned that wearing headbands is funner if you pull them down to be a necklace instead.

She got her first cold. We would place a folded quilt underneath a light pillow at bedtime, and we'd prop her up from her waist up. That helped her so much! She already has a hard time breathing, so a cold was really tough for her. After we figured out the pillow trick, she got better so quickly!

We went to Sedona, and she HATED it. The trail we were on was bumpy, so she was ticked off. It also was EXTREMELY hot. I think, in her life so far, that that is the time I felt like the worst mom. I didn't realize it was going to be such a hot day. Luckily, I had a light blanket and a full water bottle, so I would soak the blanket and give it to her. She would rub her face with it, suck on it, and I'd squeeze it out on her. That made it so much better. We found some shade to wait under (Jake was a lot of miles up the same trail on his bike) and she loved looking around! She'd never seen those Sedona reds, and I think she was a fan.

Gwen and Ridgey took their cousin-ship to a whole new level: holding hands and gazing at each other while communicating telepathically. It was great!

Here's a funny story! Gwennie went on a sort of napping-crib-strike. She would nap on the floor, in our arms, on our bed. . .but not in her crib. Typically, we'll see that she's getting tired and wrap her up to put her in her crib so she can fall asleep. . . but she was not having it! She would shout until we got her out of there. Even if we put her to sleep and then put her in her bed, she would wake up madder than a wet hen! I decided to stop fighting the strike, and would just wrap her up and put her on our bed. She loved it! She could see out the window, and it was always raining and she was on cloud 9! It was so fun because it was only a nap time thing, and only lasted a few weeks.

Gwen hated doing pictures this time because her shirt was so tight. See those muscles?!

First last day of undergrad. We had to wake Gwen up, and she was dazed.

When we feed Mini, we sit her in the bumbo.

Clearly, she is trying to escape.

Modeling her rocking hair do.

Life is tragic when you pull your headband off!

I love this babe. When she cries I laugh and take pictures. She gets so mad!

I don't know if I've talked about fairy music before, but Gwen is just like me in that she is going to love the recorder!

Gwen normally loves selfies, but she wasn't into it this day!

We went adventuring the Sunday before school started. It was a dream. . . Gwen did not think so.


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