Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Family Pictures!

Our great friend, Kayla, introduced us to a photographer in town by gifting us a newborn session for Gwendylface. The pictures turned out beautiful, and we LOVED the photographer, Clarice. We decided we wanted to get better family pictures done when Gwen was older, and Clarice was absolutely game.

One day, I got a text from Clarice saying that she'd be moving within the month, and asking if we wanted to a shoot before she left. We jumped on the chance, and a day before she moved, she took our photos!

Clarice is so fun to work with! We loved spending some time with her, and I am waiting anxiously for the prints I've ordered to hang up on our walls!


Mikaela D said...

Ahh I love these! Gwen's squishy little face just kills me! I seriously need some fo' realz family pictures of us too.

Austin Burnham said...

I'm dying! The picture where you are both kissing Gwen is absolutely adorable! Love the fat baby cheeks!