Sunday, September 28, 2014

6 Months!!!

How is my Mini already 6 months?! I know I start every monthly update like this, but tt boggles my mind to think about how little she used to be.

Here are some of Gwen's stats!
20 pounds.
1st tooth has come in, mamelons and all! (PS. Gwen makes learning teeth eruption so much easier than my textbooks. Her tooth is number "P"!)
When she is happy, she'll say, "Dadadadadadada!"
When she is so, so, so sad, she says, "Mamamama."
Mini loves to sing. If she can hear you singing, she'll start singing too! She'll stop when you stop, and start when you start. She's so fabulous.
She can rock back and forth on her hands and knees, and she can do push-ups.
Gwen wakes up in the middle of the night to eat, and her rolls are a testimony of her appetite.
She loves eating my backpack.
She still loves swimming.
She loves noise. Any kind of noise, except for thunder and when Jake moves rocks on our apartment drive thing, makes Gwen smile and laugh and wiggle!
Gwen is extremely mobile. We can't leave her on our bed like we used to because she scoots backwards, right off! Also, she loves hiding under our bed and when we can't find her, we'll look under the bed, and she's just smiling and waiting to be found!
She loves peekaboo.
Her hair is so long in front that it's starting to get in her eyes!
6 months of chunky.
Modelling her chunk.
Her tooth!

Just hanging with her bestie, Lydia. Lydia and Gwendolyn forever.

She tells me to go to school with this face.

Rachel, Will, and Gwen, aka the twins!

Gwen drank water, and she loved it.

Will and Gwen discussing their serious friendship.

This picture is perfection.

She loves playing with that mat!

Her first time getting up on her hands and toes!

Gwennie and Will!

Gwen eating Will, and him being okay with it.

"That's enough, Mom."


Katie Seigfried said...

Oh my gosh. So much information in the last two posts! She's growing so fast!

Caroline Bingham said...

What a fattie. I love it.

Carissa said...

Oh goodness, those chunky legs!! Love this! Oh and the saying "dadada" when happy and "mamama" when sad is totally familiar here, haha.

Alicia Snow said...

She is adorable! Happy six months!

Christy Narsi said...

Congrats on 6 months!! She is precious!!!