Thursday, August 14, 2014

Month 4.

In Gwen's 4th month of life, she learned how to roll from her tummy to her back, and from her back to her tummy! She is quite the roller, and she always looks for claps and smiles from us after she does one because we have effectively conditioned her using Pavlov's ideas.

Gwen has found her toes!!! She now helps us change her diapers by holding her toes, and she also helps with bathtime, ensuring we get all her bits clean! It's insanely cute.

Mini has learned how to fall asleep by herself. She will eat, and then we will wrap her in a blanket and put her in bed. She'll talk to herself a bit (she tells herself how nice of parents we are, duh) and then she'll be out! It's fantastic! She still falls asleep at night while eating, but we don't mind that.

Gwen is officially a fish. Jake got a new job here in Flagstaff, and they sent us all to Tempe for training. While he worked, we swam every day, and then we'd swim when he got home as well! It was so fun, and this babe of ours is a mermaid in the making.

The babe doesn't fit in 3 month clothes anymore. There are a few 3-6 month outfits we can squeeze her into, but mostly she is in 6 months.

A little more of the sides of her hair has fallen out, but it is being replaced by white blonde hair, which I 100% approve of.

Gwen discovered her tongue, and life will never be the same. When she smiles, she uses her tongue. When she kisses, she commits to Frenching. That tongue is just always out, and it is so cute.

She has a few best friends. She loves to play with Will, Ella, and Cora. She LOVES cousin Ridgey.

Nothing makes Gwen happier than waking up. She also loves when J gets home from work. She will smile and smile and smile, so naturally she follows him everywhere. . . she is his mini, after all.
She LOVES moving these chunky thighs!

I feel like she's saying, "Do you like my romper, Mom?"

Swimming wears a girl out. PS! This picture of Gwen looks like my mom!!! Siblings, do you see it!?

Again, post swimming.

Gwennypoo likes to hold her own bottles.

This melted me. Gwen has never been one to fall asleep with things in her hands, but she did like this!!

Mini ignores us when she's mad at us for trying to feed her when she's hungry. . . moody.

Just being fabulous.

Swimming in Tempe. The pool is on the roof.

Gwen mean-muggin' because she's the best swimmer ever.

My sister sent me this to show our babes' resemblance to us. I died of cuteness!

G lately likes to hang out on her side. Endless options.

Her motor skills are getting to be less shaky, so she can sometimes reach her mouth!

This is Gwen. She passed out on my mom's bed. This is 100% comical.

She constantly is sticking out her cute tongue!

Blurry, but still so cute! She is always happy.



Carissa said...

AH! What a cute little chunk!! Adorable swimsuit on you too, by the way:)

Mikaela D said...

Ah! So much cuteness all around. She is the best.

Kylie Pond said...

She's so sweet! I love her chub.

Kylie Pond said...
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Austin Burnham said...

Gwen is too cute!! I love her chubby little cheeks! Thanks for letting me stalk your blog. :)