Friday, April 12, 2013

Goin' County.

A weird phenomenon happens to J and I. . . it occurs every time we go to his hometown, or anywhere in a 45 mile radius around his town. We. Get. Country.

I've mentioned before that Jake's people call Wal-Mart, "The Mall." Well that basically sums it up.

Whenever we get into town, we turn on the local station, scoot in nice and close, and our inner rednecks appear.

It's a serious thing.

We say Southern-y things.

We get our PDA and smooches on.

I wear a lot of make up and hairspray.

J usually sucks on a toothpick. (cinnamon flavored)

At work, our hygienist is from North Carolina. She says things like "Woop woop!" and "Y'all", and I can't forget "Holler," pronounced hall-urrr.

Every time I hear her, which is all the time, I long for trips filled with impersonating accents.

Right now, we are both in desperate need of some small-town time.


Mary said...

The mall??????????

Nichole Christensen said...

You can probably appreciate how happy and peaceful it makes me when I hear country music over here. It makes me think of home. Cowboys, wranglers, rodeos... I miss it all. Part of me will always be a country girl!

Alyx said...

Where in the world is he from that people call Walmart the mall?!

The Lucas Gang said...

The white mountains are not that bad, are they?

The Denham Duo said...

No! Coco, quite the contrary! I love, love, LOVE the white mountains! We're planning on living there someday, and we can't wait!

The Lucas Gang said...

When you you move here, we must get together!