Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day. . .

. . .started out with a bang! I put mustard in our toothpaste--it was a wonderful start to the morning. We got up to watch conference, and J went to brush his teeth. Lo and behold, wonderful yellow came out of the tube!! Muwahah. Then J went to put on his eyeball specs. A few minutes later the sides of his head were numb due to the icy hot I put on the ear part of his glasses!
  The only thing J really did to me made me feel super awkward. I started getting phone voice mails and calls early this morning. These people were congratulating us, and telling me that the next few months would fly by. Also, people were telling me strange things about having babies. . . things I TRULY didn't ever want to know. Turns out, J started telling people last night that we were having twins in September and that we didn't want to find out the genders of these mysterious babies. I think it was the worst when he called his parents to tell them his news. . . ha! I called my mom for information about something or other but missed her, so when she called me back, Jake picked the phone up and was about to tell her our "exciting" news, so I started yelling to my mom, "NOOOO! Don't listen to him, Mom!!!" Smart girl. She didn't!
  We just love pranks. I've been preparing treats to send to our nieces and nephews. J kept eating the candy, so I yelled "J! You can't eat ANY of this! I got it for me and them, only! Not you!" He looked so depressed that he couldn't eat any of the $20.00 worth of sugar I got, but yelling April Fool's it worth everything in the world.
   The very last thing I'm doing to J (and not telling him it's a fool's prank, ever) is that we legitimately will name our children names of colors. He's now convinced our kids really are going to be named Purple like my lava lamp. so so so so funny!

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Mike and Esther said...

Verity, you are so goofy I love hearing from you.