Thursday, January 5, 2012


Since January always marks the time to make resolutions, here is Jake's:

"Well easily this year is the year I'm going to dunk, people." NBA, look out.

Other than that, we've now been Flaggians for a whole, entire year. I have loved it here and J has so much that we have even put Flagstaff into our list of future possible hometowns.

Here's our recap of 2011!!

January began with a new blonde hairdo

February involved a midnight date to Taco Bell. . . we're classy and J seems less than thrilled.

March houses J's birthday, and he got hist first pistol. To say he was excited is an understatement.
In April my sister, MerryDeath, got hitched to her cowboy.
In May, we built more cakes.

June was our first anniversary. We ate pizza while our car got harassed by our roof.

July was filled with our annual Show-Low trip for fireworks.
Ps. There isn't one picture where everyone looks normal, so poor Ty is looking extra fierce.

In August we got to see our friends get sealed for eternity!
We went back to school in September and took our back2school photos by the door.

For October 2011 we were invited to a Harry Potter party, so we went as Severus Snape and Narcissa Malfoy. I'm convinced they're in love.
Before November, my sweet, pink, baby Dell passed away and I needed portable internet for my online class, so I got a surprise.
In December we only got one heinous picture of us, and heinous is also an understatement.

Oh my word. And last but not least (even though somehow I forgot...) we had babies!!!!
Earth, Wind and Fire joined us sometime in the spring.
This is Wind only, I can't find one of them all together.

That wraps up our 2011, here's to 2012 being the best yet!


Ali said...

Hey the Clarks are in our ward!!! We love them! ;) Zack and my hubs get along really well which is awesome ;)

Trina said...

HAHAH you seriously crack me up. I love reading your posts!! Looks like you guys had quite the year!!