Thursday, February 17, 2011

Psych was interesting today. . .

I knocked a girls coffee on to her boots.

I said sorry. She wasn't mad.

Dr. Miller taught us how to control our dreams, Inception style.

I'm really excited about this lucid dream controlling deal! I'm going to teach Jacob and then we will plant ideas in people's dreams. It will be wonderful.

I love love love the Curtis. And we found these today so they get special mention.

The Curtis doesn't like when he has to sit with Jack. So they watch TV like this.
ps. Even the back of my hubs head is handsome!

I love this face he's making!!!!

And that's all.


Sarah Blue said...

Controlling your dreams is a very good thing. It takes work and practice, some of which needs to occur in the Conscious state. I haven't had a truly horrific dream in years and years thanks to dream controlling techniques.

Good luck!

The Dark Family said...

I need to learn me some of that dream control magic..... these pregnancy dreams are killing me!

The One Klar said...

VKAE! I love this. Everything about it. I miss you. I'll be driving through Flagstaff at like five in the morning tomorrow. I will think of you the whole time. Love love love love.