December 2019

December started with a day of babysitting! Our best friends, the Blackburns, were invited to a wedding and also had two kids in dance concerts—and nothing could be missed! We knew it would be a fabulous day if we could play with the kids all day, and it was! We started off going to our ward Christmas breakfast, then came home to wait for the kids to get dropped off! It was so fun! We went to one dance concert, one park, played a lot of games, and had several dance parties. 

We set up Christmas decorations! Tree, lights, mistletoe, countdown...the works! I love the holidays so much. Bless Jake’s heart, we put up lights twice because I didn’t like the new ones we had purchased. 

Gwen had her kindergarten chorus concert! She sang loudly and stood up tall! She was a beauty with such a sweet smile! After the concert, they had a party! She loved making an ornament for the tree with her picture! 

Emily had a party at daycare! They had a Santa come in, and she told me she loved it! I asked her what she told him she wanted and she said “I told him I didn’t know what I wanted and then said ha ha ha!” I just love this girl! She is blossoming and I love it! She brought home a photo that Mrs. Chris had taken, and it’s my new favorite picture of her. 

We went with Morgan and the kids to see the Illumination Light Show. We drove through the Angels stadium and Morgan let the little ones take a turn steering. It was great!

I got invited to attend my old office’s holiday party! We went to Cirque De Soleil and it was so much fun!!!! We also went to the A.T. Still dental school party and were amazed! They had individualized gifts for each child based on age and likes! Emily got a Cinderella doll, and Gwen got some play makeup in a little suitcase. It was nice to introduce Jake to my new coworkers! I’m still dreaming of a pizza that they served—it had blackberries, arugula, feta cheese, and I don’t know if I can ever recreate it because I ate it too fast to remember the rest! It was so good!

We had a beautiful Christmas program at church, and the girls left sparkles everywhere! 

Emily and Gwen went to the dentist! Emily gotX-rays for the first time ever and she did great! The assistant/hygienist (I couldn’t tell which she was) was so amazing with Emily! And Gwen just loves the dentist so much! I love these girls!

For Christmas, Jake and I wanted to go simple. The girls have been telling me they were going to ask Santa for fishing poles since last year, so this year he delivered! Jake and I got them one present—a swing set! It was really a hit! As soon as the Christmas rain cleared up, they were in the backyard playing! We watched a few injuries happen, and were pleased when the injuries were ignored due to the high amount of fun! Jake worked like a pro building the swing set! He worked at night to keep the surprise, and had to do a few nights in the rain! He’s the best man I know. I’m thankful for his motivation and drive, and love to see his sweet actions for the girls.


mce said…
What about January now !?!?!?! love you lots, mce

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