November 2017

We moved in at the beginning of the month, and are still getting sorted! We love our home!

Since moving in, we've put the girls in one bedroom. We have enough for them to have their own, but I wanted them to share. This was night one. I love them!

We got new Playdough! I threw all of our old stuff out when Gwen didn't clean up and she had to earn it back! She was a great cleaner and helper to get this kit!


"I love this house!" -Jake and Verity every night before falling asleep

I cleaned out the attic. It was full of junk. Gwen kept saying, "Mommy! You are making a really big mess!" She's trying to help me clean it up here. This was just 1 of 5 loads I removed.

Sick kids are so sad, but I loved the cuddles. She was sick on Thanksgiving.

Jake and Emily

After a long nap, she had energy enough to get dinner before promptly crashing and being sick again.

Fred's holiday glamour shot.

I love her.

First dental cleaning in the chair! No cavities and no tears!

Modeling her chip.

Boxes make the best toys.


Pool fence, pre pain touch up!


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