Emily Rose is 2 Months Old!

Emily is two months already! It's bizarre how quickly time flies by with babies. I'm thankful for that because babies are hard people to manage, but I know I'll look back at pictures and miss even the hard times.

Gwen has adjusted so well to Emily. In fact, there hasn't even been an adjustment. Gwen just loved Emily from the first second they met. Whenever E catches Gwen looking at her, they both just laugh and smile. It's so cute, and Gwen loves her baby. 

13 pounds of perfect chunk
Fits into 3-6 month clothes best. 0-3 is too small, but 6 month is too big.
Loves being swaddled
Great relationship with Barry, the bear pacifier
Loves having her legs wiggled and jiggled
Likes playing with her tongue and silly faces
During her witching hour, the only thing she wants is to go outside
Loves tummy time

I'm so thankful to have baby Emily in our family! She is so loud and so smart!

She is delightful!
Emily and Barry


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