First day of school pictures.

Yes yes, I decided we needed to start a first-day-of-school-picture tradition, partly because it's fun to see the energy we have, but mostly I think it'll be a fun way to document J as he goes through the rest of NAU and then dental school. I think our future minis will like it someday.

Anyway! We have a biology class together. It's fun, but weird. Fun because hey! We're flipping married. Weird because we're married. Also, we've been having the worst bike luck! In the first week back, we got pulled over by a bike cop. He gave us a warning for going too fast. It was hilarious because he asked us for our drivers licenses, but then I let him know how we obviously didn't have our licenses. . . we're on bikes. Just another week later and Jake got a full our ticket for not stopping at a stop sign by the school. The particular area is a three-way stop and he was turning into the chemistry building. You have to see it to know how ridiculous it is! Lastly, this past week I was running a little late to chemistry, so I had to hurry and park my bike. I didn't even touch the bike next to me, but he wrote me a little note. I almost missed the note because it was on the ground after a storm blew it off, but I am so glad I found it! It really made me laugh due to the incorrect grammar. I love it.


Sasha said…
Hahaha this is hilarious! I didn't know people got pulled over by bike cops haha. And that note is so funny. Who writes notes when you park your bike not to their liking, what a douche
I just want a picture of you guys in matching spandex with the cool bike helmets that have the wind swoosh in the back.

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